Does anyone have info or an opinion on the four democrates running for County Treasurer? I have looked on line and on blogs and can find very little to help me decide which one would be best. The candidates are Marcos A trujillo Jr., Manny Ortiz, Dennis Warren Latta and John Anthony Torbal. This is the only section of my sample ballot that is still blank.

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It looks like the one candidate we have heard from is very well qualified for the job, and none of the others are.

The Albuq. Journal interviewed them and printed the results in the paper.  Their candidate guide is available on their website without charge for non-subscribers.  Here's the relevant section:

Bernalillo County Offices

(Linked names have candidate profiles)

Candidates – County Treasurer

- Marcos Trujillo (D) - Dennis Latta (D)
- John Roybal (D) - Joe Williams (D)
- Manny Ortiz (D) - George Torres (R

Also, the Weekly Alibi endorsed in this race.  Get this week's issue (dated May 17-23) or look it up on their website.

Admirable approach to voting! 


I wonder if League of Women Voters has info about these folks.  Alibi does a good job, but it's sometimes biased toward people they "like" rather than to more objective factors.


I'm half seriously refusing to vote for anybody with New Mexico roots.  Maybe each elected official should should be outsourced to India, or at least to 4 states away.  Might reduce family inside dealing.


No, the League of Women Voters of Central NM doesn't do a voter's guide for primaries.  (I'm an active member.)  That's why I suggested the Albuq. Journal's questions and the Alibi's endorsements (except for Congress in this district -- they said it was very close). 

Before you go to vote, you can print out a sample ballot.  If you live in this county, go to Bernalillo County’s website and enter your name and date of birth on this page: (scroll down)  That should bring up how you are registered, and let you print a sample ballot for your precinct and party.

Also,  I found a place on the Sec. of State’s website where a person can enter their County and Precinct number and get a sample Dem. or Rep. ballot.  They don’t need to enter any identifying info.  There is a line before it to get that precinct number, but they don’t have to go there first.  In all the redistricting, there was very little change to precincts, so the one on their voter card is probably still valid.  You could even make a batch of them for an event or mailing.  In some counties they don’t vary much between precincts.

Here it is:


Everyone needs to check to make sure your precinct wasn't moved during redistricting. 256 was moved from State Senate District 14 to 16 and State Representative 18 to 19.

Yes, that's what I meant.  That's why you should look up your voter registration on the County Clerk or SOS's website.  Your sample ballot there should show you the correct new districts to vote in for this election.

You are probably in the same precinct as before.  However, that precinct may now be in some different districts.  There are 8 district numbers listed on the back of my Voter ID Card for various political bodies, from PRC to City Council.  Not all of them have elections this year.


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