Felt the need to give a shout out to Carolina's --newish Mexican restaurant on Monte Vista (next to Bailey's on the Beach).  This is Mexican Food like I used to get in San Diego (and I've been missing).  


Food is inexpensive, service is friendly, ambience --not so much.  But great place to stop and grab food to go.


I've only had the Rolled Tacos w/ guacamole, a Quesadilla, and the Carne Asada burrito-- which I've gone back for a couple of times.

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if you love grease.
perico's is around the corner and up the street from us, but we never go anymore. my reactions in the past have ranged from "meh" to "ew." but given my sweetie's love of california-style burritos, it sounds like we'll be checking out carolina's pretty soon. see you there jeff!

who knew "carne asada burrito" would net such a lively discussion!  

I've tried Perico's...  not bad

you're not kidding, after all, it's arguably one of the best food items around.

You can't throw words around like "California-style" and "burrito" lightly.  That's how accidents happen.


When you take California and put it in front of burrito, we're talking about a very specific style of burrito.  Carne asada being a trademark of a proper California Burrito, I understand the temptation to associate any carne asade burrito as a pure Californian, but it's wrong; don't be wrong.  


We request our guests respect our food peculiarities sensibilities, we owe the good people of San Diego the same.  The more you know, you know.


This Bay Area burrito tangent...the Bay Area gifted the Mission Burrito to burritodom.  It's girth and half-helping of rice are the Misson's distinguishing characteristics.  You can find other burrito bloodlines in the Bay Area, of course, but the Mission is a jewel in SF's culinary crown.


Great burrito talk.  I encourage further discussion over at Burritophile.

I am a Mission burrito devotee, having worshipped at the altars of Taquerias Cancun, San Jose, La Costena, Grullense, etc., etc. It's not all about carne asada - there is definitely a lot of room for al pastor and veggie options as well.


Here in ABQ, I've yet to find something that completely stacks up. However, Ruben's Grill at Eubank and Candelaria is pretty good and allows for some customization. Taqueria Mexico on Lomas in Martineztown is also pretty good. I tried Carolina's last night and while not 100% the genuine article, it's very tasty, especially when sour cream and cheese are added. Don't turn up your nose at Bumble Bee's, either.

Just FYI, Federico's is totally cool with customizing their burritos, so you can probably make a decent California burrito.  I'm in love with their tough/thin tortillas.


I am a Federico's fan, but most tend to eat from the drive-thru late at night, when customization doesn't even occur to me. Maybe I'll go inside next time and see what they can do...it's a pretty solid burrito. And yeah, the tortillas are great - perfect burrito consistency. If tough/thin is up your alley, I assume you've eaten Sonoran-style tortillas before? They don't come thinner...

Fries on a "California" burrito?  I don't know, but I have never had a CAB with fries.  Plus this whole "California" designation is simply a marketing ploy for those outside of California to relate to. Alot of us on this thread lived or grew up in California and will attest this to be true.  It's a common marketing approach guys.  Just because that writer put it out there does not make it the only authority. 

Clearly there are more types CABs then we all know

ooh. ooh. i just thought of something! how about... a pastrami burrito! the best of both worlds! a pastrito?

been done - i used to get the one at oki dog in LA.

friggin awesome but a complete and total gut buster. definitely grad student 'meal for a day' fare.

Total thread-jack, but what do you SoCal pastrami aficionados think of California Pastrami? I have absolutely no context for the food they serve, so I wonder - does it approximate whatever it is they're trying to approximate?


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