Some years ago, organized through Duke City Fix, there was a tour of chicken coops around Albuquerque. It was a blast! 

So the other day I went into Dan's Boots & Saddles to get new boots and they had a big run full of newly hatched chicks there.  There was a sign on the wall that said, "Do not hold the chicks."  I knew damn well I wasn't going to be able to leave there without holding the chicks, so I bought two.  An impulse chicken purchase.  Now, mind you, I have wanted chickens for years and have all the books and resources about how to raise them.  We had them when I was a kid, too.

But what I need now is a coop and run.  Do any of you know of anyone who has an un-used chicken set-up they want to get rid of or sell?  I'm also interested in inexpensive, creative ways to re-purpose salvaged materials, like wood pallets, etc. - to build one.

Right now they are in a tub in the house under a heat lamp, so I have a bit of time.  They were just hatched a few days ago.

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Maybe post this to the ABQ Chicken Keepers group?

Yeah, I'm keeping an eye out there, too.  I posted in the main forum thinking somebody getting rid of a coop would be a non-chicken keeper at this point. :)  I've decided to build a coop and am looking for inspiration, so posted over there asking if there will be another coop tour like there was a few years go.


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