Apparently, Chipotle Mexican Grill is on it's way to the Duke City. Location: the old Shoney's site at Menaul and Louisiana. I wonder how they'll fare in the land of New Mexican cuisine?

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oh em gee.....I just drooled a little Ron. I can't wait!  It's about the corn salsa....mmmm....

Remember Mondo's, Chilaca's, Bumble Bee's. They all had a rough time here.

Some people love a corporate concept and will favor such places over local concepts. Mcdonald's owned Chipotle once... ew.


There are so many burrito places here now, you have to wonder about that business plan. 


Twisters, Hurricanes, Little Anitas, Frederrico's, Filberto's.


Large companies like Chipotle are trying to embrace the local products trend but leverage huge buying power cutting national pricing deals that provide them a cost advantage over local businesses.


Time will tell.


Not sure this type of business is actually good for our area.

I agree.  I think having a Chipotle would be a fantastic and interesting option in my parent's town of 50K in the Midwest.  But here?  There are burrito joints - GREAT ones - all over the friggin' place.

They will do well, of course.  But I hope local places do not suffer by default.  I'm looking at YOU, Federico's!

I agree...We just lost Santa Fe Peppers too. The modern diet seems to favor big fast food chains..our local business do suffer..common folks: shop local!


Chipotle is awesome! The food feels healthier than other fast food restaurants and you can't beat their lime cilantro rice. I say having that chain here is great. Hope more locations sprout up. What's the city supposed to do, say that we will only accept local businesses here? I think not. Can you imagine the increase in empty storefronts if that were the case? Albuquerque would be a ghost town.
1,000 calories/burrito doesn't sound all that healthy to me...
I would say folks should at least try to give the local options a shot...

I like to think that both corporate food and "mom and pops" can co-exist. For me, I tend to spend most of my restaurant dollar with local business, but I don't turn my nose up to the occasional trip to Outback or Ed Lobsters.

Having never tried Chipotle, I'll take it out for a spin when they open their doors, but I won't stop buying Golden Pride or Garcia's burritos. I suspect that those local businesses won't be run out of town by a new player, corporate or otherwise.

Phunke1 may be right, but I suspect otherwise. There seems to be a cult-like outcry for Chipotle.

I'm one of the Chipotle fans in ABQ, and will welcome them on the rare occasion I get to eat a non-paleo meal. That cilantro-lime rice is divine, as are the black beans.

I've been a fan of Chipotle for years, it's the only fast food place I go when out of town. Glad they are finally coming here...although a bit out of my neighborhood so won't be a regular.


Very exciting. My partner feels about Chipotle the way some people feel about In N Out Burger.
They will have two locations. The other will be at Paseo and Louisiana in the same strip as Five Guys.


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