Is anyone else just flabbergasted by this news about Chris Garcia getting arrested over that prostitution ring? I always knew him as one of the good guys...

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I'd be verrrrry interested in his list of clients......  (Board of Regents?, the endless supply of UNM VP's???, student-athletes??)  It'll be a loooong hot summer for most of them.....  I wonder how many will 'fess up early, per APD's clemency offer??
One more thing - this is our for real, home-grown version of "Breaking Bad"....  (Maybe the show can work in a subplot about a physics professor becoming a pimp....  )
Other profs? Other UNM faculty staff?
Something tells me it is going to be a long, hot summer for some of the UNM hierarchy!
Shocking for sure!  It's going to be interesting how this one unfolds.
The Daily Lobo offers a bit more on the story, including his lame code name:  Burque Pops.
KKOB morning radio host is calling him "Professor Pimp" - ouch!
disgusting, but should be interesting to see who else is tangled in this web.

I think prostitution should be legal I do not think is the role of the police to be moral agents. In places that make it legal the workers are better protected. I would say Chris Garcia was doing a public service helping those who enjoy doing this. Waste of money and time to arrest someone on this.

Time for society to grow up on this.

I think legalization is a bit extreme.  However, I do think it is sad that our society is quick to condemn people for crimes that are probably more caused by addictions/mental health issues than malicious intent.  Clearly, Dr. Garcia has contributed a ton to this community, it is unfortunate that his mistakes will likely overshadow his accomplishments.


i wonder if there is a connection between the Mistress Jade sex scandal and this one? hmmmm.


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