Hello all.  I've been thinking of Christmas presents and trying to decide who to give what to.  Can anyone tell me if there is a place to buy gourmet olive oil and gourmet coffee?  I realize it will probably be two different places.  I've thought of looking around Whole Foods and Cost Plus, but I really wanted to find a local business to buy these things at.  I've googled and yellowbooked and can't really find anything promising.  I hope someone may know of someplace that I have overlooked.  Thank you!

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Whiting Coffee, my favorite local coffee purveyor for the last 20 years. Family-owned local company. Fresh roasted daily. Most coffees under $10 per lb (that's 16oz, not 12 oz). Ethiopian is my current favorite. Lots of teas, too. And imported biscuits, jams, chocolates, kettles, mugs, pasta, kitchen paraphernalia and, yes, olive oil. 3700 Osuna, 3/4 miles west of I-25. Tel 344 9144. Fresh coffee taster cups all day. Dan

Try La Montanita Co-op. It has a good supply of high quality oils and coffee.

New Mexico Pinon Coffee is another local favorite. They have just opened a retail outlet at their roasting facility on Anaheim NE, go west of I-25 on Alameda, then south on Washington and west a block on Anaheim. Gift boxed sets are available, pre-made or customize your own with coffees and other southwest items. www.nmpinoncoffee.com or call 800 572 0624

I couldn't agree more.  As for olive oil, try Tully's on San Mateo about  3 blocks south of I-40.

Michael Thomas on Carlisle has (subjectively, I admit) the best coffee in town. The Hornet roast is fantastic and we go through a pound every few weeks at our house. I also enjoy their french roast. They have more than a dozen blends, though, so you've got options. And, if you drink coffee yourself, make sure you take them up on the free cup when you purchase a pound.

Having said that, my dad has been a Whiting fan for years and years and they do have a lot of other goodies.

I agree with Michael Thomas!

Here's a second vote for the incredible coffee at Michael Thomas - though Whiting is also good. You could also check out Moon's Coffee and Tea on Juan Tabo - you can look them up on Google.

I don't know about normal olive oil - I would have sent you to Fremont's before their demise - but an interesting local alternative might be the tasty garlic olive oil from Valley Garlic Company in Placitas. They don't seem to have a website, but you can find their stuff at La Montanita Co-op (in Nob Hill or at Rio Grande and Mathew), or Keller's Meats (at Eubank and Candelaria or at Coors and Montgomery).

I don't buy coffee at Ta Lin, but I buy olive oil there.  You can find a gift for everyone on your list - guaranteed!  They import food from all over the world (literally).  I've just never shopped for coffee there.  I grew up in San Francisco so I go to Ta Lin for Asian ingredients and Italian ingredients  I had an English Granny and I buy some sauces, jams, sweets there for a taste of 'old home memories'.



I second Ta Lin.

If your in the north west part of Albuquerque ...Cafe Bella Coffee in South Rio Rancho offers excellent organic, fair trade, single source, locally micro roasted coffee. They rotate their entire inventory of coffee every 14 days.I hear that this is the place other local Barista's go to hang out on their days off. They are just over the Albuquerque Rio Rancho boarder. www.cafebellacoffee.com happy shopping!

Thank you so much, Albuquerque!  Now I'm looking forward to holiday shopping since I can't wait to try out these places! 

You should check out Tully's Italian Deli for olive oil


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