My daughter and her friend are moving to Brooklyn, NY this summer to go to school.  They don't have a huge amount of stuff, but more than will fit in a stationwagon.  Will probably need to store the stuff for about a month in Albuquerque while they look for a rental in NY, and then have it moved.  What's the most reasonable way to do this?  Referrals and ideas appreciated.

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I see ads for this on the back of the ABF trucks. I don't know anymore about it, though.

they might consider renting a POD, which can be used to store their stuff (if there's a place to park it for a month) and then the company moves it across country for you. it's supposed to be a lot more economical than renting a uhaul type truck and driving it yourself, though I don't have much sense of cost for either option. here's another version of it.

on another note, my sister lives in brooklyn and is looking for someone to sublet her apartment for at least august while she returns to santa fe for a month or so. it might be a place they could stay for a month while looking for a place of their own. if they want some details about it--no obligation attached--I can message you with her contact info.

Great ideas, Hettie and I will pass along the info. to Olivia! They are hoping to have an apt. of their own by July, as she starts school in August.  But yes, message me the info. so she can consider that.  Good option; thanks.  jillgat-at-gmail-dot-com.

My sister used a POD to move here, but when she moved away she rented a POD-type thing from U-haul. It was cheaper and it included Uhaul storing the pod for a month after the pod was received in her new town. This gave her time to find an apartment before unloading the pod.

I work at a packing & shipping place & we mail a lot of stuff for folks that don't have a full moving van load.

Just be aware if you use the pod idea, that many neighborhoods in Brooklyn will not allow the pod to be dropped off them picked up later.  They will need to unload quickly and have the company move it right away.  My son lives in Brooklyn and I have lived in NYC- depending on how busy the street is and the neighbors, you can double park a truck for a short amount of time but you cannot plant a pod on the sidewalk or in the street and chances are she will not have a front yard.  And never leave anything unattended in front of the apartment building after unloading.  No matter what neighborhood.


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