Last week we called to set up an appointment with Comcast to get a digital box installed so we could continue to access service when things switch over. The appointment was scheduled for Nov 9, so I was a little surprised when a tech showed up today, but figured he may have been in the neighborhood and decided to kill two birds with one stone.

His sales pitch was slick, promising A and B for the price of B. This seemed strange enough to me that I made a note on the paperwork of his statement and initialed it. He handed me the digital box and other paraphernalia, told me how to install it, and took off. After he left I realized he had left me the original paper (with my signature) and not the copy, as specified on the document.

I called him to let him know of his error; he told me this was standard, and that he would not return to pick up the document with the original signature.

I smelled a rat, so I contacted Comcast Customer Service. Things did not add up as the rep could not find the tech in her database nor any record of a changed installation date or a record of a promotion with the details that the tech had promised. I then emailed fellow DCF'er and now former Comcast employee Scott Westerman, who forwarded my email to the Comcast Albuquerque Escalation Team.

Anthony, the guy on the team who handled my complaint, was professional, concerned, and repeatedly apologized for the non-standard service. He's still checking into some of the details, but it turns out that the technician (possibly a contractor) who stopped by certainly DID misrepresent the costs for the service.

Just giving you all fair warning, and letting you know that if you think something funny is going on to give the Comcast Albuquerque Escalation Team a call at 877-858-4838.

In keeping with blogger ethics and FTC regs, I received no paid endorsement by Comcast (or any other goods).

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I live on 3rd Street and got home from work to find a comcast door hanger with poor handwriting on it telling me that I could receive a new discount and that the prices would be lower if I called a non comcast number that was scrawled at the bottom of it. I wonder if this is the same person as you tech...?
We must be neighbors, Gabriel! Yes, that is exactly what I received from the "technician".
You could also contact Scott Westerman.
Hi Stephanie -

Sorry I wasn't clear above. Scott no longer works for Comcast - he's moved on to other things (and left our fair city), which is why I mentioned the information about the Comcast Albuquerque Escalation Team at the bottom. This is who Scott referred me to.
Blogger ethics? What's that? Oh, I see now.
Yes - this is an emerging issue in cyberethics. Not to go too off topic, but I'm actually teaching a course on this subject next Spring - ethics and social networking, blogger ethics, ethical duties for administrators and moderators, etc. If you have any ideas or good links, please send them on. I'm always looking for good resources.
Hi Bareles Babe,
Funny you should mention this. Just yesterday a Comcast technician (I think) rang our bell with a digital box in hand. He informed me that we needed it to upgrade our system, otherwise we wouldn't get any stations. Confused as ever, I told him that we'd already received our adapters for the upgrade. (Okay we haven't installed them yet!)
.But no, he said, You won't get all the stations. The he told me it was $19.95 a month.
At that point, I realized he was trying to sell me other enhanced service by using my ingrained fear of this upcoming upgrade. A good ploy for the addled public.
Thanks, Dee
This sounds like someone casing homes to burglarize.
The plot thickens. After talking to the Comcast folks today, it turns out they did some digging yesterday and learned the guy who came to my door yesterday is using a female Comcast tech's employee number - a violation of Comcast policy.

So, be VERY wary if you get a visit from a stocky guy, about 6 feet tall, ruddy complexion, light brown/reddish hair, and wearing glasses with bright yellow lenses.
Wasn't there a story in the news recently about a scam involving a supposed Comcast rep going door-to-door?
Are they doing mailings as well? While we haven't had anyone come to the door 'yet', we keep getting mailings telling us to upgrade or we won't get stations. We keep ignoring them since we don't HAVE their TV service. You would think they would send them to people who actually have their service.


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