My fiance and I are moving to Albuquerque this summer. We are recent graduates of Texas A&M and are looking for an apartment or house in a fun part of town. I read some of the recent posts, and saw that Nob Hill, Barelas, EDO and Robinson Park are all good options... but it's hard to get a feel for the neighborhood without being there.

Things we care about... we love being outside, playing basketball, eating at local restaurants, going to farmers markets, and reading. I would also love to be near a yoga place and a dog park. So maybe a place that combines all of those things? We love Albuquerque and are not picky, but I just thought I'd get some thoughts from everyone. Thanks in advance!


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Sounds like the edge of EDO as it borders the University might be the best. Is Roosevelt Park a dog park? I can't remember. Good Yoga in EDO.
We live in a neighborhood called Fair Heights and I would recommend it to anyone looking to live in Albuquerque's core. We are located smack in between Nob Hill and Uptown (weekly Farmer's market during the season). We are close to the freeway, Sunflower Market (great produce) and we have a great community. We are also close to High Desert Yoga, the YMCA, and we have a dog park within walking distance called Tom Bolack Urban Forest Park. Check our website at www.fairheights.org. Good luck in your search.
A few other questions are in order before more people respond.

You're both A & M grads, but what are you going to do here? Are you planning on working, or going to grad school? If working, in what fields? Are you looking to buy or rent? Wha kind of place? How much money are you prepared to spend on housing? If buying, is a fixer upper OK, or do you want a place that is turnkey ready?


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