During this afternoon's commute home, I witnessed a bike racer, who was part of a group of riders, collide with a commuter, causing her to crash on Indian School and the North South bike path. The racer who caused the accident was able to stay on two wheels and sped on to keep up with his pack. I stopped to render aid. If anyone can help identify the racing team, I wish to report the team to their sponsor. The riders all had lime green and white uniforms. One rider had a TNC number on his back. The team name had GELAT in the name but I could not make out the entire name. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Note: The downed rider was okay.

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Update - It appears that the racing team was from Active Knowledge . I have contact info for the coach and will keep you posted.
Damned spandex racers! Get out of my way, peasants! (I'm glad the commuter is okay, and that you helped her and are trying to track down the culprit..)

That reminds me of my run-in with a spandex-type - On a Fourth of July, I decided to take a ride from South Bay to Santa Monica, along with about a million other bike, skateboarders and in-liners - so, the going was fairly slow, and I waited for a chance to pass some little kids on their bikes. Just as an opening appeared, I heard Ms Spandex shout from about 6 bike lengths back that she was going to pass - but, I've been waiting too, so I go. Ms Spandex dumps her bike, since she had built up a head of speed (remember, there's zillions of people using this stretch). I helped her up, but she swore and cursed me up and down - okay - enuff - I split and continued. About 2 miles up, I noticed someone familiar who passes me, then gets in right front of me - then starts for her brakes - yep, Ms Spandex, weighing 80 pounds less than me, is going to take me out! I hit my brakes before this could happen, and then we heard a little girl crash and start crying. I congratulated Ms Spandex on her choice of revenge - trying to injure me out but taking out a little kid instead - and left her behind to explain to the girl's parents how I caused this to happen.

The majority of bike teams are okay - but a little intimidating because they ride so fast and in a pack, so other users have to move over and let them pass. Share the road, spandex-dudes!
that bike path is seriously challenging. i used to ride from venice down to RPV and back. my wife once had an inline skater/tourist cross her on the path in santa monica and they both took a good hit. a lifeguard attended them both and chided the skater since it turns out they're not supposed to be on the BIKE path.

stand-up guy for stopping to help tricross.
I say we confiscate their bikes and sell them on eBay...
I know the coach for Active Knowledge. I would be very surprised if he isn't incensed to hear his riders did such a thing. Yeah, all you racer folks--get used to sharing the path and slowing down. Just because you're fast and on a light bike, it doesn't mean you get to roll over anyone you want to. The paths in Albq. are MULTI-USE--which means being courteous to all. Some stupid woman in spandex nearly plowed right into me the other day on the Paseo del Nordeste path because she was so busy keeping her head down so she could keep up speed. Plenty stupid. Plus, guaranteed, if you run into me on your tiny light bike, you are suffering more than I am with my workhorse commuter...

Good for you, Tricross, to stop and help the rider and try to find out which team did this.
UPDATE: It's been a week since I witnessed a member of the Active Knowledge racing team collide with a commuter causing her to crash. What looked to be a promising dialogue with the coach of Active Knowledge fizzled away. I followed up with emails and voice mail but no response. All I got was this quip in an email, and I quote, "... I'd love to talk to you about the supposed incident."

I guess it's time to send the letters out to the sponsors.

Did you by chance get the name of the downed cyclist? Maybe you could tell the coach that you have her name and she can most definitely tell him that the incident was not "supposed."

I am not sure the sponsors will care...but good luck.
It seems that what we need is some place for people to train safely. Surely somewhere there is a place here where the pavement is intact for training but not otherwise used for pedestrians and motor vehicles, yet provides the requisite challenge for riders.

Our community lost a very bright light when Heather Reu died. She would never have put her family at risk and surely thought she was training in a safe place when she was "gunned down" by a thoughtless, careless individual in a motor vehicle.

What do we have to offer to improve this situation? It is not tolerable to continue this way.
You can join BikeABQ, Albq.'s bike advocacy group. We tirelessly fight for better facilities for cyclists and more awareness as much as we possibly can. With more members, we have more strength. BikeABQ has funded some "Share the Road" PSAs which are currently running on a variety of channels at various times through the day. We'd love to have more and more often...but we need money! With more members, we can raise more money...
Ever been run down by mall walkers while pushing a stroller? Same thing. Annoying as shit, too.
I'm am glad you asked that. My point is that people must accountable for their actions. When you wear your team uniform, you are even more accountable. The only way some people learn how to be accountable is to call them out on their inappropriate behavior. That's the point.
@Black - I make no apologies for the admittedly inflammatory title of my discussion. I truly do loathe bicycle racers. Ironically, I am sort of a bicycle racer as I participate regularly in triathlon -the Dirty Tri this morning was a blast, by the by -and the annual Quadrathlon. I speak from experience. There is a reason why the sport of bicycle racing is struggling with it's image. The drugs, the reliance on technology, the disregard for sportsmanship and a political governance that rivals figure skating. I see it in the big tri events where teams participate; Jay Benson, Milkman, Spring Fling. Blatant disregard by teams like the now defunct SportzOutdoor team for USAT rules on drafting. Bikes loaded with technological bling and a price that could feed a family four for a year.

You would be right about holding the the individual accountable if he acted alone, however he was with his team (in a hurry to get to the Tuesday Night Criteriums at Balloon Fiesta park, I later found out). The team is accountable.

The final nail in your argument is the fact that when I posted my query for the team name on the NMracing list, the support I got was unanimously favorable. The peer group of racers also wanted accountability for this teams actions. Maybe that image is turning around, but only time will tell.


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