Does anyone know an affordable computer repair company/individual that has evening or weekend hours available? My computer is extremely slow and it's driving me crazy!! Any help is greatly appreciated.

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MAC or PC?


I actually ended up finding one on, which is a great tool to use if you're looking for a specific service.  I was given a quote by Abq PC Tune Up and I will be dropping it off tomorrow!

Awesome! Thanks of the info! 

What did you think? I might need the same....

ABQ PC Tune Up was great and affordable! Stephanie Reames is the owner and only employee and she will meet you anywhere to pick up or drop off your computer, which was really important for me because I don't have a very flexible schedule. 

Your Neighborhood Computer Man aka Geer Computing works 9-5 Mon-Sat.  No evenings, but they do work Saturdays.  505-508-2124.  I have found their help invaluable and an hour's work is usually around $70, which is reasonable.  They really do a good job.


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