I'm feeling alternately angry and stupid right now.

Four of my baby teeth survived all these years and one of them just cracked in half. The dentist gave me the name of an orthodontic surgeon, who strongly encouraged me to get an implant instead of a bridge. More permanent, doesn't involve ruining other teeth, etc. Even though it was going to cost a lot more, I got talked into it to the tune of $2200. For some reason, I didn't hear the part about an implant only including the extraction and implantation of a screw, to which a crown would be attached later. By my own dentist. I just called my dentist and found out the crown is gonna cost another $1600 at least. I feel sick about this. I thought the $2200 would be most if not all the expenses for this thing.

Does anyone have any advice about a dentist who will do the crown cheaper than that? Insurance doesn't cover any of this shit. If I'd known all of this, I would have left the gap that wouldn't even really show anyway.

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ps - if anybody has dental clinics in Juarez to recommend, I'm considering that for the crown, too.
Does UNM have an dental department where students do the work, and you get a huge discount?
UNMH does have the Division of Dental Hygiene and it's quite good. http://hsc.unm.edu/som/dentalhy/

IMHO, Dr. Stephen Wagner is the best for this sort of dentistry. http://stephenwagnerdds.com/

And yes, there's also Mexico for your dentistry, but my anglo friend who goes there for dental work speaks Spanish fluently which helps.
I'm pretty sure the Dental Hygiene program doesn't make crowns. I'm sure Wagner is good, as are many others, but I'm concerned about the cost. I speak Spanish. What dentist does your friend go to in Mexico?
Do not go to Juarez! I work at a dental office and we are always fixing problems for people who go to get the work done cheap. Have you had the implant? How long after the extractions? Did you go to an oral surgeon? . They also should have made it clear to you about how an implant worked and that they will work with your dentist as the restoration goes on. You also cannot get the bridge for 3-6 months after the implant was placed. UNM has a residency program that is sliding scale. They are right out of dental school but supervised by attending dentists. I believe they have a clinic at Louisana and Montgomery. Dr. Wagner is very good, Call and ask prices. Do that with other recommendations as well.
All I have to say concerning dentistry is: You get what you pay for. Seriously. My partner paid for her implant and is very very happy with it, and it cost what you have quoted. She had Michael Casaus do the crown, and it fits beautifully. I would give him a call. He is very up front, and is a great dentist. All the work that he has done on my teeth has lasted very nicely, and some of it has been in place since I was 16 (I am 38 now). Give him a ring: 505-883-5481.

Do not go to Mexico. Mike tells me horror stories of what he has had to fix. As for cheapness, Kathie and I were seeing a dentist who will remain unnamed in the South Valley because he was not as expensive as Mike. Kathie has crowns now that must be replaced, I was traumatized with a filling (!), and I never was afraid or wimpy about the dentist. It was really awful, and we have forked out a lot of cash to correct the poor dentistry we paid for.
I personally think the thousands of dollars for crowns is outrageous. I mean what the heck is involved that they could possibly cost so much? That said, if you don't pay for good dental work you will suffer for years...and I mean years. I'm still suffering the effects of going to a cheap, lousy dentist 25 years ago. Poorly done fillings that had tiny holes that allowed crud to seep in and cause abscesses. IMO, nothing....nothing is worse than dental pain and I am not a pain wimp except when it comes to teeth.

The price you mentioned for crowns is what I have paid for mine. The crowns in my mouth --as a result of the crappy dentist all those years ago -- are worth more than my truck. I adore George Keana. He's gentle, skilled and just a generally nice guy in all the damage control he's done on my teeth.
Yes, you get what you pay for. You pay way more than you should, though, IMHO. Yes, thank you, Athena - the prices are outrageous. The choice should not be between reasonable pay=pain and disease and outlandish, through-the-roof charges = proper care of your teeth. Most dentists who have repaired teeth fixed in Mexico are only seeing the failures. I have heard excellent reports from some clinics there, depending on what needs to be done. I'm sure all your dentists are great. Mine is great, too. But their charges are an outrage.
jmg, I had a crown done by dr. moore at gherardi and moore and I've been happy with the work. it wasn't cheap, but it was a few hundred less than what you've been quoted and I don't have any dental coverage. their number is 293-6125. good luck!


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