My sister-in-law has had a bunny hutch in her back yard for a while now. Her yard is completely enclosed and has relatively high walls surrounding it. A dog in her neighborhood has twice now leaped the wall and attacked her bunnies. This week it killed off the last of them. Animal control has been called out, but the dog remains in the custody of its owner. In addition to these incidents, animal control has been called out on problems with this specific dog many other times by multiple neighbors because the owners continually fail to keep the dog properly contained in their house or yard. This dog is a menace and a killer and yet the owners continue to retrieve it from the pound and let it wander the neighborhood. Is there really nothing more that animal control can do? What does it take to get a dangerous dog situation under control in this town?

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Sounds like a human problem. The dog is acting on instinct, right?


I live in Fringecrest too and am concerned about roaming dogs and their worthless owners.

It's definitely a human problem.  Neglectful owners = dangerous dogs.  What I wonder though, is how many times does animal control need to be called out for problems with the same animal over and over before something effective can be done.  These owners have been fined over and over but it hasn't corrected their negligence.  Is there a point where the owners can no longer be allowed to retain custody of the animal if they fail to control it?  My sister-in-law has lost 4 pets to this dog just this year- and it's only February.  It's frustrating that she doesn't seem to have any options.
Maybe the neighbors need to get together and call their city councilor and ask him/her what it takes to get this dog (actually it's owner) under control.  Have your sister-in-law present them with a bill for damages.  Have them call animal control over and over until they get tired and find a more permanent solution.  Call every time it is out, demanding that it is picked up. Does the dog menace people?  That might get them moving a little faster in doing something if that is highlighted.

There is no such thing as a bad dog, just bad dog owners and your "neighbors" sound very similar to mine...

The dogs in our 600 home neighborhood are rarely walked, just thrown out into the backyard where they bark and bark until they are finally let in and the cycle repeats itself beginning at 6:30am and ending around 10:30pm or 1am or 6am...

Animal Control is over-worked and under-staffed, believe me, I know.  I would highly recommend consulting with a lawyer and have an attorney send a  letter to your "neighbors" on the firm's letterhead, including a bill for the bunnies .  Maybe that will wake them up, but its doubtful, because it sounds like your "neighbors" don't give a damn that their "baby" is a menace.

I hope a child doesn't become its next victim.

LOL I wonder if we live in the same neighborhood- it's bark city here


bark city is right...


do you live on the northwest side? because my neighborhood sounds like a kennel...

I like Balletmom's idea best, but if that doesn't work, perhaps you and a group of similarly minded neighbors should show up at a city council meeting and register to be heard during the general comment period.  Just before you leave for the meeting, leave a note on the offending neighbor's door suggesting he tune in to Channel 16, if he has Comcast. 
This was interesting to read and I am sorry that this dog (and its owners) have put  your sister-in-law through this. I noticed something curious though - in your account of what has been going on, there are mentions of multiple calls to the animal control people. But I am wondering what happened when she (your sister-in-law) took it to the next logical step and called the police. What did the police tell her?
How about a civil suit against the owners?  This problem is why my wife and I never take a walk in ABQ without being armed.
The police have just said to call animal control.
UPDATE:  Animal Control has said that APD will be serving a search and seizure warrant that will allow them to take the dogs.  There is going to be a hearing next month and the fate of the dogs will not be determined until then.  We hope this will resolve the situation, though my SIL is worried about retaliation from the owner.  She did contact her city counselor who has said that he will contact animal control and ensure that the warrant is issued.  I am glad to see the that the city is finally taking action in this situation, but still appalled at how long it has taken and how hard they have had to push to get anything accomplished.  I guess we'll just have to see how things go at the hearing and hope for the best.  Thanks for the suggestions!


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