this post should rightly go in the dcfixers getting hitched group, but we are, as the title says, desperate. so I'm posting it in the general forum in the hopes of more attention!

we're looking for a musician to play an event in a couple of weeks and we haven't had much luck. I'm hoping a fixer can make a recommendation that'll help us out. here's what we're looking for:

--a musician who plays a string instrument (or anything else that's portable, we are desperate!)
--someone who's available for an hour on a friday afternoon, about 3:30 to 4:30 for a rehearsal, and on the following saturday morning, again for an hour. though I should point out that actual playing time is more like 20 minutes or so.
--a musician who has their own transportation to and from bernalillo
--preferably someone who is comfortable playing music that's relatively new. we have three simple songs we'd like played and, while we don't care if the musician plays from sheet music, we'd like someone who's pretty comfortable with their instrument.
--a musician who's willing to work for a relatively low fee, as we are on a budget
--someone who's over the age of 16 (okay, that's a random number, but I mean to say we're not opposed to high school musicians, as long as they're responsible)

I know that seems like a pretty specific list, but we've had a couple of potential musicians fall through because we weren't really clear about what we need. and because the venue doesn't have a piano. I'm most worried about finding someone willing to play for what we can pay, especially as we get closer and closer to the event. but we really don't want to play recorded music and I'm hoping dcf will come through once again!

so if you know of someone who plays guitar or violin or concertina--which would be really cool actually--and you think they might be interested in a small gig, we'd love to hear about them! heck, at this point, we'd take someone who whistles beautifully. seriously. if you'd prefer, you can send me a message with info or I can give you my email to pass along. and really, I'm serious about the whistling.

I wanted to follow up on this post. I just knew dcf would come through for us. we ended up hiring aaron lewis, whose contact info is listed below. he was great! easy to work with, professional, affordable and just a really nice guy. we highly recommend him to anyone who's looking for a musician for an event. call him! you won't be disappointed.

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Hi Hettie,
I just sent you a friend request with a message attached, since we aren't "friended" yet, it would let me just send a message. Hope it helps!

Paula :)
I am a professional guitarist but would love to help you out of your situation. It sounds like fun. Call me at 908-1392 my name is Aaron
Hi Hettie,
Can you report back when you find someone you like? I will be starting the same search for next summer and would love your insight.
Hettie, I used a really terrific flamenco guitarist for an event earlier in the year. He is a great musician, most accommodating, very professional, etc. and well beyond your minimum 16 years. Not sure if he plays music other than flamenco, but I would bet so. His name is Luis Campos and he quoted me a fee of $100 per hour. His phone is either 505-266-0953 or -0453. Can't tell from the writing, and someone else contacted him. Good luck!
thanks for the responses! I think we're on our way to hiring a musician who's going to work out great. I'll post to let everyone know how it goes!
I play accordion. I'm over 21 (and then some). What date is the gig (and rehearsal)? Compensation? etc. Call Debo at 681-1451.
(I just want folks to see the update I posted to this thread and it requires a comment to bump it back onto the main page.)

anyone else looking for a musician? yay, aaron lewis!
Awesome. Aaron's good, too. I've heard him play and have considered hiring him for lessons for my son and me.
Thank you everyone. I just try to do the best I can to make your event go as smootly as possible and with lessons I like to help you meet your dreams as a guitar player. Hettie's wedding was absolutely beautiful and it was great to be a part of it.
Thanks, Aaron. The guitar string is framed and prominently displayed in our living room, btw.


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