Very disappointed Soul & Vine chose to close its downtown location and make the move to Nob Hill; that's just what Nob Hill needs, another restaurant.  I love downtown and wish it was more alive and vibrant.  I've traveled to other American cities as well as several in Europe and walked through their downtowns and loved the shops and bars and restaurants they had to offer; here in Albuquerque we have very little.  It's unfortunate, too, as we have a diverse and eclectic city all our own; it could be so much more.  

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My sense is that the old Crystal Thai location was tough for them. There are several places that have done well off Central (Gold Street comes to mind), but it seems that more have done well on Central itself. I actually went to Soul & Vine in Nob Hill this past weekend, and (I hate to say it), thought it was okay but not amazing. Has anyone who's been to both locations seen a change in the food, or was it just okay Downtown too?

Being a downtown resident I went to "Soul and Vine" regularly  and it was great until they decided to cut costs in September 2015 and not continue with their excellent executive chef (David Ruiz now executive Chef at the Pueblo Culture center, who is spicing up especially the evening menu there). Then it unfortunately became average at best. A year after opening in September 2014, it was starting to gather steam when the unfortunate cost cutting decision was made.

Disclaimer have not tried it since it moved to Nob Hill.

That makes so much sense. What do you recommend down there now?

There's a great little place called Conchita's Cafe at the Simms Building @400 Gold Avenue, suite 119.  I know the owner used to have a food truck and now has this brick and mortar.  Great food!  Support the local guys! 

Here are my current favorite Downtown joints:

  • Rad-Ish
  • AM Spices
  • Anatolia

And I'll totally stop by NYPD or Sushi King when the mood strikes.

But I'm quite sure there's more I need to try. Has anyone been to the French spot on Gold? Or the other place in the Simms building? 

Check out Conchita's Cafe in the Simms Building.  Great food! 


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