Does anyone know if APS has a drivers Ed course? I can't seem to find any info about it and we need a cheap place for our 15 year old.

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The only places I'm aware of are the private driving schools, like McGinnis, etc. The MVD has a list that you can search by zipcode and maybe just call around for prices. Seems crazy that there aren't low-cost options offered by high schools or CEC or something. You'd figure training teenagers to be better drivers is definitely a public good!

From what I understand, most high schools offer the classroom portion of drivers ed, but not the driving instruction. Here's an excerpt from my son's Eldorado HS Course Catalog...



Grades 9-12

1 Semester, 1/2 Credit

Defensive Driving is designed for students who have not yet applied for a New Mexico driver’s license. The course covers the classroom portion of driver training; behind-the-wheel instruction is not included. Topics will include characteristics of good drivers, basic maneuver and defensive driving tactics, traffic laws, accident avoidance, and effects of alcohol and other drugs on driving performance. Successful completion of the course will qualify the student for a certificate required by the state for all first-time applicants for a New Mexico’s driver’s license.

I it usually offered at the 0 hour (do they still call it that?) and fills up quickly.  We always resorted to the private driving schools because we could never get a kid in.  I also know, at least at Sandia HS, the parents were not happy with what their child learned but as one said "it's free".

My son took it a couple of years ago at Valley for zero hour and my daughter is signed up for it next semester after school also at Valley.  I would assume that your 15 year old's school has it as well.  You get to teach them the behind the wheel part.  It is part of earning the certificate.  If I remember correctly they have to have 40 hours of driving with 10 of those hours at night. Good luck!!

My daughter went through McGinnis and when she "graduated" she still didn't know how to drive. I spent a few months working with her before I felt she was OK to solo. 

THanks ya'll.  I contacted the Atrisco Heritage principal (where my son goes) and he got me the name of the person doing the drivers ed there. 

Appreciate the help. 


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