Drivers Licenses to Illegals More Important then the NM Economy

It just seems to me that the Guv is more interested in repealing the law allowing illegal immigrants to obtain a drivers license then in promoting an economic recovery in the state.  I am aware that she campaigned on this issue, but you would think the economy would take center stage at the roundhouse.  As a follower of NM politics, it surely hasn't.  The best the Guv has done was to promise not to raise taxes(and I am not sure if this is a good thing).  I also dont see the Dems as doing much either.  They dont seem to have put forth any new economic recovery or job plan themselves.  They just seem to be waiting the session out hoping the Guv will not get what she wants.

Well, she didn't get what she wanted when it came to repealing the drivers license law to illegal immigrants.  Thanks to the vote in the Senate last night, illegal immigrants did not lose this privilege. The new bill places more restrictions and penalties on the receiving and administering of licenses. Unfortunately, this is not good enough for the Guv and fellow Republicos and she has threatened to continue her fight for its repeal, in lieu of bolstering our sluggish economy.  

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Wow, this discussion has gotten way off track.  Whatever you read, whatever news media you watch or listen to, having illegal immigrants with licenses who are driving in our state is just a very good thing for all of us.  They make the roads more safe, feel less threatened when reporting crimes, and make it easier for law inforcement to do their jobs.  There is just very little evidence that allowing them to have licenses has caused any problems what so ever.  The DMV has done a good job in managing this.


BTW, we have been issuing licenses since 2003, only now has this become an issue because of our Guv.  She has instilled a hysteria  of fear among the citizens of NM for no good reason.  I do not have anything to fear from illegals receiving licenses.

Hmmm.. There are a lot of claims in those two paragraphs. Any sources to back that up with?
Read the article by Rep. Gail Chasey, dated March 14, 2011, who has been involved with the debate on the legislation for allowing the licenses @
the laws need to apply to all. or none.  thats the whole point of the system currently in place.
Well written article but woefully sparse on details. I also don't see any endorsements from the law enforcement sector.  If this is such a good idea, you'd think they would be enthusiastically on board.
Why would they? It gives them another excuse to profile brown people.  It's crazy to me that there is a generational gap in thinking amongst Latinos on this thread towards the driver's license issue.  I figured anyone who is a person of color would be against a racist ass bill that is being disguised as something to do with driver's license, but here we are.......
Why is that?  What are the generational gap (what ages? I am 37)?  I in my 37 years of existence between living here and Los Angeles have never felt like I have been profiled.  My father who is 71 feels the same as I do on the license issue.  Or maybe it is those that are looking for race issues in everything making it racist?
I'm with you, ramon. I'm as brown as they come and never once have I ever felt threatened by APD or BCSD or felt as if I have been discriminated against or profiled. I think some folks are just over eager to find excuses.
Lets face it, you have a bias against "illegals" as you call them. Many of these people have families, work hard, pay taxes, and contribute to society. Please explain why there is this drive to make them all seem like less than human, trash to society?
It's not about making them less then human. It's about the law. No matter what the nationality. An illegal immigrant is an illegal immigrant. If you are not of citizen of a country, you don't deserve the same rights as citizens of that country. If you want to be an american citizen, then do what you have to do to become one legally.
Not over eager at all, I could pick from about ten stories of being profiled by APD as well as the police in my hometown in Southern NM.  I guess you and Ramon are just "special". Something that allows police more room to profile brown people is racist to me, but again there is that gap in thinking between us.
I can give you about 10,000 stories in my life where I was not profiled and probably could have been.  Like I said, those that look for racism in everything, find it.  Has nothing to do with being 'special' (which is complete crap btw).  It just the way it is.  You want to find racism in everything, you'll find it.


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