Drivers Licenses to Illegals More Important then the NM Economy

It just seems to me that the Guv is more interested in repealing the law allowing illegal immigrants to obtain a drivers license then in promoting an economic recovery in the state.  I am aware that she campaigned on this issue, but you would think the economy would take center stage at the roundhouse.  As a follower of NM politics, it surely hasn't.  The best the Guv has done was to promise not to raise taxes(and I am not sure if this is a good thing).  I also dont see the Dems as doing much either.  They dont seem to have put forth any new economic recovery or job plan themselves.  They just seem to be waiting the session out hoping the Guv will not get what she wants.

Well, she didn't get what she wanted when it came to repealing the drivers license law to illegal immigrants.  Thanks to the vote in the Senate last night, illegal immigrants did not lose this privilege. The new bill places more restrictions and penalties on the receiving and administering of licenses. Unfortunately, this is not good enough for the Guv and fellow Republicos and she has threatened to continue her fight for its repeal, in lieu of bolstering our sluggish economy.  

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simple solution to end profiling............follow the rules.  if everybody from all "races" did so, there is no reason to suspect one or the other.

Here's a thought, using the "i" word is about racism and not about immigration or any other policy. Let's stop promoting fear and drop the "i" word! It's inappropriate (legally speaking) and no human being is illegal!


For more information, check out

Thar's just plain stupid.
I totally agree with this, thanks for sharing the link.
Thank you Christopher, and its definitely not stupid.  Thanks to Ramon for stooping to the level of calling people's ideas stupid.

I call it how I see it.  Certain people in this country came to live here illegally.  It doesn't matter if you are Mexican, Guatemalan, Brazilian, Irish, Chinese, Mongolian or any other origin.  Plain and simple.  If I go to Mexico, Russia, Slovenia and stay longer than I told them I would (or sneak in), I am there illegally. PLAIN AND SIMPLE.


Sorry to have a different opinion than yours.  You know what they say about opinions right?


P.s. The OP who agrees with you on this issue even used the term ILLEGAL in his title.  

Get that last word Ramon, I hope it made your day.
Are those your last words on this thread?  If not, how am I going to to get the last word?
interestingly, I just read this nyt profile of the governor that points out her grandfather came here illegally. I wonder how many generations the taint of "illegal" is supposed to last.
Good for her to put her personal history aside and do what is right.

I am not against making drivers licenses illegal for, well "illegals".  Perhaps my view is a bit more complicated than most.  My feeling is, if you're not going to shut the border down and kick every illegal out of the country then making it illegal to drive is silly. My wife and I have had two accidents in the past year, neither our fault.  The first one, an older Navajo couple tried to do a u-turn on top of me and my son. 

Apparently they don't need valid insurance anyway...they have their own laws... yeah. 


The second accident was where my wife was driving west on i-40 just before the 98th st off ramp and this yahoo in a brand new mustang rams into the back of her... my pregnant wife.I happened to be driving not too far behind and pulled over. My wife was in shock and this 21 one year old illegal kid is lucky I was too busy worrying about my wife not to the kick the ever living crap out of him. 


Insurance is still trying to collect on that....


Of course kicking everyone out would make that a mute point anyway....but the thing is,  illegals are here. They are here illegally, which makes them illegal immigrants. Some people are illegal.  My wife was once.  If I went to Mexico right now without letting em know, I'd be illegal there.


This whole "No human being is illegal" shtick is silly.  Of course there are... In every country on the planet.


So long as they are they need to know how to drive, (because they will be driving anyway) and having insurance.





I ask only one question why do citizens of New Mexico have to provide a Birth certificate and social security number to get one but if you are a criminal who breaks the law you can get one no problem. please someone answer me?


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