Here are just a few of mine:

  • People who keep their headlights on in a drive-thru - @ night
  • People who are crossing traffic, but don’t use the center left turn lane
  • People who are in the second turn lane that cut off your line of sight when turning – even though there's clearly a white line marking where you should remain while waiting to turn (specifically heading Eastbound on I-40 from Rio Grande Blvd.)





Anyhow, this morning I was the first car turning left at an intersection where there wasn’t a LEFT TURN signal. When the light turned green, I still sat there.  Being the first car to turn, I did NOT edge my way into the intersection.


I don’t like hanging out in the middle of the intersection.  There are people who run red lights.  And even if it's clear nobody is running the red light, I still stay stopped.  BUT, I do pay attention to see the last of the oncoming cars, AND then begin to move slowly into the intersection so that by the time the last car passes, I’m already in motion. 


However, the woman behind me clearly didn’t like that I was not the kind of person that sits in the intersection before turning. She was gesticulating madly like a crazed flight attendant for me to move forward.


Okay, I could understand if I didn’t move UNTIL the last car from the oncoming traffic passed why she'd be upset.  But really, I’m not sure there is that much difference in saving time.  Also, it wasn’t during rush hour where there’s a pile of left turning cars preventing adjacent traffic from continuing to go straight


In fact, I think my method is faster because I’m already in motion rather than having to start from a dead stop while in the intersection, but I could be wrong.  




So, how many of you have a pet peeve about drivers who do not edge out and sit in the middle of the intersection waiting to make that left turn?


(I'm hoping that this doesn't turn into some kind of venomous exchange of ABQ-drivers-suck, but I'm just curious as to how many people really do get upset at those who just don't want sit out there in the intersection.)

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I have too many pet peeves to mention.  All I know is that I have lived in several major cites and the drivers here are the worst.  No one seems to care about anything other than getting to their destination. 

With the number of red light runners in this city, I ain't pulling into the middle of an intersection for a left turn until I have clear passage. You can honk and flip me off all you want, but I won't change that habit.

Agreed. There are way too many red-light runners. No way am I moving into an intersection until it's clear long enough for me to cross.

Plus, both of my parents have survived different accidents caused specifically by left-turners who horribly misjudged the traffic speed/flow, or assumed oncoming traffic would conveniently slow down for them.

No one's life is worth that extra few minutes you might buy yourself.

I don't see what this has to do with people running red lights. You shouldn't make the turn until it is safe to do so. At some point there will be a gap or all traffic will stop allowing you to complete your turn.

A good point. And yes, if a safe gap opens up, of course I'll take it. But I'm not pulling out into the intersection in hopes that one will open up. That's making a huge assumption. Depending on the intersection or time of day, that doesn't always happen.

That's where the red-light runners come in. I don't want to be stuck out in the middle of an intersection playing chicken with an oncoming driver trying to run a red. Or worse,commit one of my own pet peeves and delay the traffic that now has the green light. Sorry, just not worth it to me.

Those idiots who pull in front of you with about 2 feet clearance and then slow down.

Thank you all for your responses. So, NOT pulling out isn't as big a deal as some other issues.  Good to know.  Also, by not pulling out, I think it limits the amount of cars turning LEFT on a RED Light.  Some of these LEFT TURN LIGHTS are ridiculous quick.  Add that to the fact that some people are on their phones, messing with their hair, or picking their noses, sometimes only 2 or 3 cars go through instead of more. 

Well, if we are going to list some more....

  • Yes, the lack of a timely turn signal, or a turn signal at all is annoying.  This is especially annoying if I'm trying to cross traffic and the oncoming car on my LEFT doesn't indicate they are turning right.

  • People who pull out at the LAST MOMENT in front me.  This is irritation is compounded by the fact that one of the OTHER lanes is open, but the idiot decides to pick my lane forcing me to apply my brakes.

  • Finally, my favorite are those people crossing traffic who pull out to the median area, remain PERPENDICULAR to you preventing you and the line of cars behind you from moving forward, until they can go.

However, I also agree that it's best to chill while driving.  Sometimes it's just so difficult when so many of these conditions happen in a span of 10 minutes of driving.  Also, it's good to know that the new cars don't have that option to turn off the lights.  I'll keep that in mind the next time I'm at a drive thru.

I'm an advocate of patience while driving. You know the idiots are out there in droves. Just relax a bit and be defensive. Don't let someone else's actions make your blood boil. Smile at stupid behavior and be glad you weren't involved in the five-car rear-ender. I get home at about the same time each day, give or take five minutes. What more can one ask for?

Oh, and in case you think an old dog can't learn new tricks, I now understand the point of turning off your headlights when sitting behind someone at a drive-thru. I will kindly turn off my lights from now on when in that situation.

HAHA!!  Thanks Ron.  I'll learn to be more tolerant of them in the future now that I know that some models are becoming more and more like nanny's.  It's really the Trucks and SUVs because the lights are bigger and seemingly brighter. 

And there is a safety factor involved for keeping them on. 

I'd hate for you to forget turning  them back on and wind up in an accident because some other driver didn't see you.  What I do is usually just turn off the headlights and leave the yellow lights on -- what are those called -- fog lights?

I have read the whole thread, and I don't understand what the big deal is about leaving your headlights on in a drive-thru.  If you find other drivers head or taillights irritating, you must find the sun absolutely unbearable.  Are you vampires or something?  What's the deal here?

Here's one that happens to me a lot when I am coming out of Mickey D's on Montano just west of I-25.  A car in one of the two left turn lanes across from me will turn east onto Montano, but swing quickly over to the far right lane of east bound traffic, making it impossible for me to turn in that direction.  You're supposed to stick to your lane while turning, folks.

I don't like drivers who think a horn is an acceptable substitute for applying a brake.  If I am in the right hand lane, and want to turn into a fast food outlet or a mall parking lot, especially if its just before an intersection, lots of people seem to have an "How dare you!" attitude.  They seem to think they should NEVER have to slow down to accommodate the needs of another driver.

I moved here in 2002 from Chicago.  It always amazes me that most people in Albuquerque have absolutely no idea how to drive on snow or ice, or even rainy pavement.  You need to SLOW DOWN, people, often to well under the speed limit.  I know that sounds to you like a violation of your fundamental human rights, but you'll just have to talk to God about it, and ask Him why He does that to Precious Little You.  It is less dangerous to drive in a foot of snow in Chicago than in light snow flurries in Albuquerque.

One other thing that is a tad off-topic, but has to do not with driving, exactly, but with the trials and travails of car ownership in general. I really am irritated by auto mechanics who change my car radio presets to accord with their own tastes, or, more often, lack of same.

I've been a "professional" driver for a few years now, in that I drive commercial vehicles. Some big some small. My point is I'm in my truck for the majority of every day.  Lack of patience is the biggest problem I see in Albuquerque.

Cutters bug the hell out of me.  Getting on I-40 east bound at the 98th on ramp is horrible with this.  I will wait behind a mile of cars to get my turn to ride the lightening, and dozens and dozens of peoplel speed up and try to cut in front at the last possible second. 

Almost as bad as that is the people, who like me, are annoyed by cutters, then drive as close to the car in front of them so as not to let any cutters in. 

That's just as dangerous. People seem to think we're all in a race to be first.

The left hand turn: The Jefferson turn signal south bound at Paseo takes less than a second at times (seriously) to turn yellow.  You'll see people slamming on their breaks to avoid hitting the red light. .  The safest thing to do as the first car, when at a left turn, is pull out to the mid-way and wait for the oncoming traffic to stop. 

The cars coming from the other direction will see you.  It'll save you from getting rear ended.

One more thing.  To the three girls and guy at the stop light on Paseo west bound at Jefferson on Sunday: I'm 40 years old. Staring at me laughing while turning to the chick next to you to make out with her, looking back at me as if I should be shocked, then making out with the girl in the front seat while the other girl makes out with guy driving doesn't impress me.  It pisses me off. Especially when your stalling traffic as the green light comes on. 

Stop screwing around while in 2000+ pound vehicles.

Thanks for the opportunity to get that off my chest.


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