Here are just a few of mine:

  • People who keep their headlights on in a drive-thru - @ night
  • People who are crossing traffic, but don’t use the center left turn lane
  • People who are in the second turn lane that cut off your line of sight when turning – even though there's clearly a white line marking where you should remain while waiting to turn (specifically heading Eastbound on I-40 from Rio Grande Blvd.)





Anyhow, this morning I was the first car turning left at an intersection where there wasn’t a LEFT TURN signal. When the light turned green, I still sat there.  Being the first car to turn, I did NOT edge my way into the intersection.


I don’t like hanging out in the middle of the intersection.  There are people who run red lights.  And even if it's clear nobody is running the red light, I still stay stopped.  BUT, I do pay attention to see the last of the oncoming cars, AND then begin to move slowly into the intersection so that by the time the last car passes, I’m already in motion. 


However, the woman behind me clearly didn’t like that I was not the kind of person that sits in the intersection before turning. She was gesticulating madly like a crazed flight attendant for me to move forward.


Okay, I could understand if I didn’t move UNTIL the last car from the oncoming traffic passed why she'd be upset.  But really, I’m not sure there is that much difference in saving time.  Also, it wasn’t during rush hour where there’s a pile of left turning cars preventing adjacent traffic from continuing to go straight


In fact, I think my method is faster because I’m already in motion rather than having to start from a dead stop while in the intersection, but I could be wrong.  




So, how many of you have a pet peeve about drivers who do not edge out and sit in the middle of the intersection waiting to make that left turn?


(I'm hoping that this doesn't turn into some kind of venomous exchange of ABQ-drivers-suck, but I'm just curious as to how many people really do get upset at those who just don't want sit out there in the intersection.)

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I hate it when drivers turning left don't move into the intersection.


"People who keep their headlights on in a drive-thru"

what, like a restaurant drive-thru? why? and what about cars that have headlights which turn on automatically or are daytime running lights and can't be turned off (an enormous number of vehicles have this "feature")?

that 2nd one, btw, drives me crazy too.

Keeping the headlights on in a drive-thru? Really? (not being sarcastic here, just surprised). My car has always-on headlights. I never touch the switch, day or night. Never knew people had issues with headlights in a drive-thru. You learn something new every day!

Click your parking brake in one notch and the daytime runners might shutoff.

Well, there's that then. How are you supposed to shoot up the block all stealth-like?

My .02 on this:

I wouldn't choose to pull forward into an intersection just to get a head-start on a left-hand turn, myself, but it doesn't bother me an awful lot if someone else does it. UNLESS I have reason to think the driver ahead of me who is doing this hasn't paid proper attention to the traffic flow and could conceivably have placed me in jeopardy. I think my biggest personal "pet peeve" with respect to Albuquerque and Albuquerque drivers is that very few people here seem to understand then when you are going to turn off of the road you're on, you're meant to be signaling that turn AHEAD of when you make it, and not AS you are making that turn. You actually OWE the other drivers on the road notice of what you are planning on doing. It's just very, very selfish driving and it truly does tick me off. The same thing goes for the plentiful crowd in this city who seem to think they don't need to be signaling a turn AT ALL. 

I know I was specific about Albuquerque in the above rant-in-miniature, but I have lived in four major metro areas in life before moving here, and this "confusion" about turn signals is the worst right here in Albuquerque, in my opinion.  

I agree with the whole "Headlights in the drive-thru".  It's annoying and dangerous as it interferes with all the people who aren't sitting in line to get their feed-bag on.  And in response to all the people who insist that they can't turn their lights off, I've never seen a new vehicle that didn't have an option to manually turn the lights off (and then back on.)  It's a lot easier for people to not pay attention and simply drive without thinking but that's no excuse.
So far as major pet-peeve I'd say it has to do with any driver who doesn't pay attention.  Whether they're failing to use signals, blocking the passing lane (or not understanding that it is a passing lane altogether), stopping on the end of the entrance ramp (a Texas favorite...) or whatever.  You're piloting a couple tonnes of steel at speeds up to ridiculous and you really should be aware of your surroundings, understand your vehicle and its operations and grasp just how much damage you can and will do if you get out of shape.

Regarding turning headlights off, it's not laziness--in many cars there is no option to turn them off. If the engine to my car is on, then the headlights are on. I'd love to be able to turn them off, but would have to jerry-rig the electrical system. Not worth it.

Mine is drivers who slow down to 10 miles under the speed limit as they prepare to make a left via a dedicated turn lane, but BEFORE they start moving out of the traffic lane. These drivers are usually also the same ones who only flip their turn signal on as they turn, like Rich mentioned, or forget about turn signals altogether.

I hate that people here don't stop at a stop sign & then pull forward to have a look. I really can't stand it. It always looks to me like they have no plans to stop at all. I was taught to stop behind the sign and then roll forward. People in NM seem to go full speed until an inch before the corner.

I get very scared when I think someone is going to T bone me, such as what you describe. I try to stay out of the right lane, when possible, because of the "will they stop"s on every side street.


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