CityLink is now planning is next fiber to the business, fiber to the home deployment area.  Our idea is to start covering the Nob Hill area.  As such we are seeking comments and input from those that live, work, play in the Nob Hill area. 

Fiber Optic communications are all digital, all optical based systems that bring speeds over 1000 times faster than Cable or DSL, digital telephone, and soon digital/optical video.  Ping times are less than 2ms.

If you are interested, have concerns, or want more information please let us know.  We want to be a good neighbor.

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I googled the name. May I suggest that when you post provide a link so that readers know who you are as a company.

Do you need City, State, County approval?

What what would be the pricing structure?

Is this in opposition to to the City Of Albuquerque efforts in the past to bring free public wifi to the City: example the City Plaza WiFi and RapidRide ( which does not work well and not available only on the older buses on the original route ) or are you working with the City Of Albuquerque to replace and improve the existing systems?

Any connections / relationships with the existing open networks in NobHill area such as Cactus and RWSI?

Any connections with hard connection providers such as Quest and Comcast? Will you seek to use existing infrastructure ( poles, conduits )

If you are fiber does that mean no WiFi type services and the need to create an additional hung or buried service in the geographic area you cover. This can be a considerable issue especially if subscribers will need to pay for additional equipment for connection and the time an effort to provide ubiquitous service.

My Opinions:

It would need to be very competitively priced with Quest ( or providers ) and ComCast if hard wired. I for one do not want to duplicate services. Looking at the current mix of ways internet service is provided, it has become complex and expensive because the services are not well integrated ( example the Quest voice/data/DirectTv combination ). Though gaining bandwidth would be important to customers, many media services ( Dish & DirectTv as examples ) are not available via fiber or WiFi to most customers. The assumption might be that they will be or a bandwidth provider can provide comparable services. Ideally unbundled ... not every one wants 500 channels of what is offered, however consumers may want to subscribe on a channel basis adhoc without longterm commitment ... example: I want SyFi , AMC, HBO, CNN, MSNBC, ( I already get FREE over the air HD channels with an inexpensive antenna ... not a selling point Mesa Del Sol, ABQ High Lofts ), and nothing else with the ability to subscribe on demand to other similar channels: one time, for a week, for a month cost effectively. All of these are digital streams in one form or another.

Please don't be like Comcast and not reveal your offerings and pricing unless you capture a potential customer's address. Please be open and straight forward in your business model.

I'm not sure we need another hardwired infrastructure battle over territory on poles or conduits as happened in the late 70"s and 80's in other areas of the country when "cable franchising" began.

I as a potential customer do not want to be plagued with the limitations of current offerings. It would be nice if such an offering where more like a bandwidth utility and let the market place provide the content. I'm aware of the advantage that fiber and highspeed WiFi type technologies can provide. As always providers are behind the curve of customer expectations and continue to subscribe to old business models until an innovator appears. Potential customers are quickly moving away from wanting fixed services to on demand and flexible services. Landline phone service is dwindling in favor of wireless. If I buy a new iPad I want to be able to use it anywhere, not just at my residence or business. Most people are on a budget for their media services. If I'm paying for wireless phone service, how much am I willing to pay for the other side of access to content. We already see an inkling of this with ATT offering free access to subscribers at any ATT wireless hot spot.

If I wanted your service what could you provide for $50 a month and what kind of limitations both in content and bits would constrain my use?
Hi, in response to the comments and questions posted by "Nobhill Resident"

We already have a City Franchise to use the Rights of Way. Where needed, State and County approval is already granted.

Pricing for residential users is on our website:

We aren't in opposition to anything the City has thought about or is currently doing re: wireless. Past WiFi proposals have not been started by the City. Lots of legal issues surrounding that. We are currently building out a Open Access WiFi in downtown that leverages our existing fiber network.

We are a private company. The City is a provider of Rights of Way and a user of our privately owned network.

No connection, didn't even know about, Cactus or RWSI. Would love to work with them

No connection with Qwest or Comcast. Neither Qwest or Comcast let others use their conduits. Poles are typically owned by PNM and they (PNM) charge a fortune for using them. Unless you happen to be one of the good-ol-boys known as Qwest or Comcast.

All of our construction is underground for safety, security, reliability, and asthetics reasons.

We will need to install new conduit. This can be via our robots that deploy using the existing storm or sewer lines, or micro-trench that cuts a 5/8" slot in the road.

Subscribers will pay a small install cost (residential is $149) to help off-set the nearly $2000 per home cost. The infra-structure capital costs will be paid based on our ROI models. The ROI model is set at approximately 36 months.

Current offerings include Internet and Digital Telephone service (Fiber based VoIP). Our VoIP is not your typical VoIP over DSL or Cable. The quality and reliability is 100%.

We plan to offer Video services shortly using IPTV technologies. We are currently scouting for a video head-end site. Once this site is located we will install our Video feed.

We would LOVE to offer video based on WHAT YOU WANT. But the typical consumer does not understand how the Video Cartel's work. If I want to offer channel XX, then I MUST also take and offer 10 other channels as well. It all has to do with Ad revenue, viewership, potential eyeballs that will see your Ad. I can sell you an ad on ESPN, but your ad will also get 30 home shopping networks as well.

We are nothing like the companies you mention ;) We are simple and transparent.

We are targetting bundled services (Video, Data, Voice) for around $140 to $160 a month. That would include an approximate 300 channel line-up, unlimited LD calling, and 100Mb/s of internet

Keep in mind that national studies suggest that fiber to the home will likely increase property values from $5000 to $18000

Also keep in mind that Qwest does NOT do Fiber to the Home. They are still leveraging their legacy copper wire / DSL technologies.

Hope that answers yoru questions. thank you
What kind of internet backbone will you have? Its all fine an dandy to have a 100Mb connection locally but that speed is useless if its connected to a T1 or something.
10GigE pipe that connects from ABQ to El Paso, Phoenix, LAX (we have a POP at 1 Wilshire), Sunnyvale, Portland, Seattle, Boise, Salt Lake, Denver (we have a POP at 910 15th in Denver), back to Albuquerque.

Thats 10,000 MegaBits per second, where as a T1 is only 1.5 MegaBits per second.

So we could handle 1000 homes or businesses all doing 100Mb/s just fine. The reality of it is that 1000 homes or businesses aren't going to be doing 100Mb/s all the time.

Our regional ring is upgradeable to 40 Gb/s with little effort. We can also add multiple 10Gb/s links by using wave division multiplexing....

No other locally owned service provider has this kind of network.

BTW, we aren't the Police.Net and thus as long as what you are doing is legal we don't rate shape. No Spamming either. :)

We will even make house visits to hook up, troubleshoot, etc.

Hope that helps answer the question


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