Find Your Inner Warrior: A New Gym Has Opened in Albuquerque!

Hello everyone.

I just wanted to take a few moments to tell you about our new gym that just opened in Albuquerque, called HUAFiT. Our mission is to educate and inspire the people of Abq through fitness and we are really excited to get people involved with workouts that are fun, functional and multipurpose. Not only do we offer one-on-one personal training, we are a proud affiliate of Training For Warriors, a program which encompasses detailed warmups, speed training, strength training, endurance training, flexibility work and nutrition to help our clients build strength and endurance and lose fat. We are one of only two facilities in New Mexico that carries this world renowned program. 

We are currently taking registration for our 8-week Transformation Challenge, which is a great way to introduce yourself to the workouts that we provide through TFW. Let me tell you...if you have never done a "Hurricane" workout, you are sorely missing out! Through the 8 weeks, participants will attend 3 classes per week (24 total).  The challenge starts on June 30 and registration ends on the 28th.

We also believe strongly in giving back to our community and so occasionally we will be partnering up with local Albuquerque charities to host our Charity Workouts. These specialty classes will be $10 per person and 100% of the proceeds go to the charity. Our first Charity Workout is June 28 from 10-11:15 am, and will benefit the Mariposa Network.

If anyone has questions please let me know. If you feel like you are in a fitness rut or just really looking to change the way you workout, we may be the fit for you.

Thank you all for your time!

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The main question I have is where is it?

Also what hours is it open, what does it cost, what other classes do you offer, what amenities are there (like locker rooms), and how are your instructors certified?

So many questions.

He is a nationally recognized certified personal trainer and carries many other certifications, including his most recent Training For Warriors certification. William has received numerous awards and dedications, including being named 2012 New Mexico Sport Executive of the Year.

No last name for William.

But I did find an address, after wading through the TFW website. 

Hi guys. Sorry, I included links in the post and I thought that might help. I totally should have included the info you requested.

The owner is William Duran. The place is located on 3700 Osuna rd. Ne, suite 707.

Currently the hours run from around 8 am to 6 or 7 pm. It's not an open gym though. So clients need to either be part of the classes offered or have a one-on-one training contract in effect. That being said, sometimes we will have a client at 6:30 am and other times one at 7:15. Or nothing at all during those times. So it fluctuates a bit and we try to accommodate schedules.

The class schedule for June can be found on the website: Pricing is something we can send you if you are interested. The 8-week challenge is $200.

As far as amenities go we have a changing room with lockers. We have a small cardio room with an elliptical and a tred mill. There is a double Olympic platform, power rack, life fitness functional cable machine, dumbells, kettle bells, climbing ropes, barbells, etc.

William Duran has a personal training cert through NASM, Smart Fit, Fit Tour, and Training For Warriors. And is working on his Corrective Exercise Specialist cert. I am working on my personal training cert through Smart Fit and I hold many Group Fitness certs as well, although I won't be training at the facility just yet, since I have a regular, full time job to tend to.

Affiliates  on their website, it says "We have joined forces with the 505 Wrestling Club.". 

That address is

3700 Osuna Rd. NE Suite 707, Albuquerque, NM 87109

Probably that means they work out of that location, but I can't tell.

Yes, as stated above in my reply, that is the address. The 505 Wrestling Club does share the space with us. In fact, we train some of their wrestlers on a weekly basis.


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