So Chantal is selling the place...interesting...sad...but interesting.

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Tis true and a very positive thing for Duke City Fix! For awhile now, I've been the limiting factor for DCF due to other personal commitments but it's time for me to let go and pass the torch to someone devoted to nurturing our community.

So here's hoping for a devoted local who will love the site as much as I have for the past 7+ years. I'm hoping for someone who will evolve the site together with our community in the right way for Albuquerque. Every single member of this site deserves that devotion and attention.

If that's you, or you know someone who LOVES Albuquerque with a wild creative passion, you can view more details at:

In the meantime, I'll be sure to post updates on what's next for DCF!

Thank you, Chantal, for creating and nurturing this site for so long!  For a few years it was one of my favorite sites, and I still check it regularly.  I hope that for its next act, it will have the energy and activity that it once had.  Best of luck with your other ventures and many thanks for DCF!

Very Sincerely,


Well, I'll take a wait-and-see attitude...  I used to participate as a blogger on which was a vibrant, active community blog with a handful of regular bloggers ( maybe ten). Unfortunately the guy who bought the site did nothing with it other than clutter it up with ads, and stopped moderating comments.  That site became SPAM central. 

I ended up deleting all my old posts when after two years I kept getting notified of comments on my posts--comments that were clearly SPAM, and never getting an email or a thank you or a howdy from the new owner.

Certainly Chantal, I wish you well.  You've done an amazing job. I can only imagine the work that went into building this site--  And I hope the new owner wants to continue building a community and not just an ad farm....  

This site was a vital resource for us while the missus and I lived in Albuquerque.  Thanks Chantal!

Best of luck with this Chantal. You've done a great job holding down this fort. I too hope someone steps up with your sense of style.

I agree with all the previous posts.  I have really enjoyed the site under your helm, Chantal.  All the best in your next venture.

Hmmm.  I didn't know my e-mail address could be up for sale after registering to be on this site.  Not extraordinarily pleased about that.

I would guess ithat your email has already been snagged. But that does bring up the whole thing about content. I'm sure there is something about that in disclosure and agreement statements in the world of blogdom.

Thanks, all. I've heard already from several people really involved and engaged in Albuquerque. People who would be committed to growing and nurturing this community in ways that benefit our city. I'm thrilled to know we might have someone truly committed to Albuquerque take this site in a new direction.

And regarding email addresses - they're not up for sale as a separate item. They're just available as part of the management of the site. It's like saying your new car comes with a car stereo.


Duke City Fix has been huge for me.  It gave me the opportunity to write, something I had never done publicly before.  The stories I wrote took me to areas of the city I had never explored, met people I would have not otherwise met and made me look at my hometown in a new way. 

While I haven't been all that involved with DCF lately, other than some moderation duties, I sincerely hope that the next person up will give it the love and care you did!  I will be watching closely to see what happens. 

I do want to say that the most important thing I have gotten from Duke City Fix are all the friendships!  I just  checked my Facebook friends and 30 of them are folks I met right here on this site!  And of those 30 people I consider most of them my very dear friends!  As a matter of fact, I have had the privilege of working with a few DCFers and am even working with one now! 

Thank you so much for all the time and care and for making Burque feel like a community!  I will always love you for that!

Your Fellow DCFer and Friend,

Adelita - Lita Sandoval

Maybe after the sale and before the new owner takes over, there should be a big coming out party where members who have had multiple aliases in the past reveal themselves.

Does that include those that were banned and came back under a different handle?


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