Ungrateful bitch who doesn't know how to find a local restaurant. Stupid girl, you have had your 15 minutes now go back to the dump you came from.

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I feel bad for her, maybe if she was paid enough to get a cab she would have seen more than the parking lot of the hotel she stayed at. At least then she could have gotten across the freeway to a real strip club!

Now that is the hospitality that many have come to love about the locals.

Why should the locals be hospitable to someone who thinks so poorly of the city?  You get what you give. 

"When you fight with a pig you both get dirty"

So, because someone is ignorant or has a different opinion than yours you roll around in the mud with them?

Or you can continue to be cordial and prove them wrong/incorrect.

Besides calling any woman a bitch is just wrong.

ramon t, I'm not going to to be respectful or cordial to anyone that hasn't treated me in the same manner.  That bimbo is certainly entitled to her opinion, just as I am to mine.  I'm sure she received plenty of cordiality while shooting her movie, but apparently that wan't enough for her.  My message to the "actress" Ms. Vergara is "Pearls before swine". 

Yeah, I can see how you would take what she said as disrespectful towards you specifically.  < insert rolling eyes>

<insert rolling eyes>???  Really?  Wow.  

If I'm not mistaken, you are the one who brought up the whole "being cordial" to someone who is ignorant, so I was merely replying to your post.  And you know what?  I do take offense to people trashing our city.  It's called having pride in one's hometown.  Sure, people can think whatever they want.  God bless 'em.  But that doesn't mean I don't have the right to express my opinion that they should blow it out their pie hole.  

Yeah, ABQ  has it's problems, but every city in the world does.  So guilty as charged sir.  Good day.

You try to make fun of me by insinuating that I use LOL and ROTFL but use multiple question marks and start your post with "Really" and "Wow"?  That is hilarious.  

There is nothing wrong with having pride in your hometown.  Calling people a Bitch or agreeing that one is, calling someone a bimbo,stating that you do not give respect and get all worked up because of their opinion on your hometown.  I am actually laughing out loud.  (Did you like that?)  

Another Hilarious post by you.  

Continue...I needed a good laugh today.

You seem awfully defensive of Ms. Vergara ramon.

I am defensive of any woman that is called a bitch, bimbo and a bunch of other names by people that really don't know them.  The 1st I really don't like whether you know them or not.  My initial post was to point out that she can have her opinion but we as a community can prove/show that we are much more than a Holiday Inn, Strip Joint and name calling people.

She is not the 1st nor the last person to say derogatory things about Albuquerque.  But, really, what was so bad?  That it is boring and that she hung out at the Holiday Inn and a Strip Joint?

As Chantal said below, totally uncool by her but to immediately jump to the derogatory name calling is also totally uncool.

what did she say?

Can you talk about shooting in Albuquerque? That's starting to become a town where many projects are shooting in.

Sandra Vergara: There's nothing in Albuquerque. There's just a P.F. Chang's and a Mongolian barbecue (Laughs). The time on set was actually where the fun was. Have you ever been to Albuquerque?

Yeah, a couple of years ago.

Sandra Vergara: Yeah, you know what I'm talking about then.

It's interesting though because with the tax credits, its becoming this hot spot for filming. The city has such a unique look too.

Sandra Vergara: Oh, totally. There are a lot of productions there. But, imagine after work, going to hang out at like the Holiday Inn? We actually all went to this strip joint a couple of times.


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