Has anyone had any positive experience with a local furniture upholsterer?  We are looking to re-upholster a couch and two side chairs (all made in the 60's?) Any recommendations appreciated!

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I had a good experience getting three pieces of furniture reupholstered in 2002 @ Lomas Upholstery & Supply,  4601 Lomas Boulevard NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110-6231, lomasupholstery.com  They have an extensive choice of fabrics, but will work with fabrics you buy elsewhere as well.  The quality of work was excellent and the prices reasonable.


Their website is a JPEG image of a website.

The last time we were at Lomas, they said they were working on getting out of upholstery work. They do have a huge fabric selection, but it sounded to us like they were extremely backed up with upholstery and didn't want to take on more of that kind of work. We haven't had much luck finding a place around town that hits our price range or hasn't had some odd customer service issue. I'd love to hear it if you find a good upholsterer!

A friend of mine's father is an upholsterer. Let me talk to him and find out where he's located.

We had an excellent experience using 

C J's Upholstery 

7822 4th Street Northwest,

Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, NM 87107



They had the perfect fabric for our chair and did a really lovely job. I love the chair and I really appreciate the care they took with it.

The work did take longer than they told me at first but I was not in a rush. They explained that they had an extensive job for a restaurant refurbishment with a tight deadline ahead of my order. Not surprisingly, that job ran over time. It was understandable.

They also added a bit of piping where there had been none but the trim did not detract from the look of the chair. It does pay to be explicit about what you want and how you want the job done.

In any job I will specify even the density of the foam and other technicalities of the rebuilding process. When I was living in another state, I had some upholstery work done and I failed to be so specific. They place dense foam in the back of an over-stuffed chair and less dense foam in the seat! Those results were not satisfactory as you can imagine.

I would recommend C.J's without question but I would not give anyone any latitude for creative decision making if I could not live with the results.




Thank you all for your recommendations and insights!


Monica: Let me know what you find out!


Katys: Thank you for that wonderful response.  I am very particular about my tastes, but had not considered the foam aspect.  I will give them a shot though!

there's a shop at 3900 Central SW, just west of the river. i've been meaning to stop in there myself with a small job. on the phone they sound like they know what they are doing


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