I'm looking for a Toyota service place nearer my home than the one I've been using (which is in the East Heights, and is changing as older owners start shifting it into other hands). The ideal is an outfit that specializes in Japanese cars and has the skills and talent to keep older Toyotas (we have two) running in top form.

My own local experience is confined to Duke City Body, on S. Yale, where I've had all my vehicles' body work done -- I can walk home from there or take a bus. The service is solid, the guys who run it are affable and knowledgeable, and the prices are (so far as I can tell) city-comparable. So I'm content with that end of things.

Looking, though, for a good under-the-hood outfit, located around the university area and Downtown; not somebody who specializes in mercedes, say, but has a sideline in Toyota, but the other way around.


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R&Z Service - Pat Sedillo. I take my '91 Toyota there - I find them to be honest, knowledgeable, and affordable.
I second Patrick. He is extremely honest and helpful.
I would try Toyomasters. I have always had great service, estimates have always been on the money and most of the technicians are ex-Toyota mechanics. The only problem is they are located in the San Antonio and Jefferson area, which is more than walking distance from UNM area. The last time I had them service my Fourunner, they gave me a ride back home but I'm not sure if they still offer this service. Their prices have always been lower than the dealers as well.
I second them. I use them for my 96 Tacoma.
You might try Toyo Auto at 7901 Zuni SE (just east of Pennsylvania, a few blocks south of Central). I've had good luck with them, and they seem pretty trustworthy and professional. They're probably not within walking distance for you, but I think the Central buses stop at Pennsylvania, so that might help. Unfortunately, they're only open M-F, no Saturdays.
Jim's Automotive at Zuni and Washington. http://www.jimsautomotive.com/

They specialize in a variety of foreign cars, Toyota being one of them. They definitely know their stuff and have great customer service. Have been using them for the last 7 years and will continue to use them as long as they are here. Can't say enough great things about them!
Jim's is very good - they've worked on my Toyotas (Pickup, Avalon) for over a decade. Plus, I love being able to say that my mechanic has a degree in philosophy from UC Berkeley!
Sorry to nitpick, but I graduated from Reed (B.A. '80). Peace out, Sista.
I'll third Jim's. If you ever get suspicious quotes and estimates elsewhere, he'll give you a second opinion worth hearing.
I think they are called Japanese Car Specialist or Mechanics I will see if I can find the exact name. I believe they are in your area too. My daughter has a Toyota and a Honda and loves them. Also you can go on click and clack put in your zip and get reviews on local shops from customers.
It's Japanese Car Care off Menaul
This is the outfit we've used for years, but they are quite a long way from us, and the guys we knew there are kind of not in evidence any more and hard to find -- I just have no good feeling about the new ones. So I thought what the heck, maybe it's a good time to switch to somebody closer to home.

I know the place on Zuni -- I thought they were mostly German car specialists, but if they know their Toyota stuff, I'll be happy to give them a try. I'll make a note of these other suggestions in case Jim's doesn't work out.

Thanks, everybody! Much obliged.


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