Hello, I'm looking to get a tattoo when I get to Albuquerque, and was wondering if anyone here had a recommendation for a good parlor, preferably near the university. Pay is not an issue, as I would want someone who does a top notch job rather than someone who does work for cheaper.

Thanks :)

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Thanks for bringing it to the spotlight, Sophie!  Anna, if you haven't already gotten your new tat, I went to Sach's on Central in Nob Hill and they were really nice and good.  I have a very small tattoo and only one, so I don't have any comparisions. 

I highly recommend max at rt. 66 fine line.  he's very, very good, especially with delicate work or anything that includes shading.  he'll work with art you bring or you can take in just an idea and he'll sketch something out with you until it looks like what you want.  I know a few other women who also have ink that he's done and it's just lovely all around.  if you check out fine line's website, you can see some of his work.   

I second Rt. 66.

Archetype Tattoo. Jespah Torres is an amazing tattoo artist and he's very professional. He just recently opened up the place but, he had previously been working at Tinta Cantina

If I had seen this when it first came up, I would have responded. I give a hearty second to Monica's choice. Jespah is amazing. A total pro with incredible control and a great eye for shading and detail. I know there are some great tattoo artists in town, but Jespah is my favorite. Here's the site for his new place: Archetype Tattoo.

I'll third this.  Jespah is amazing.  I see happy customers coming out of his place all day long.  He is booked up for about 8 months, but there are many talented artists at Archetype if you need it sooner.

Anna, if you haven't already gotten your new tat,


"Tat?"  Krista, just how much time HAVE you spent in prison?  :)  (

just a few stints, no big.

Kitson, not even google knows what that means.  ;)

wouldn't you use the knitting needle and then knit a shiv cozy?

This is the best thread on DCF.

i would say STAY GOLD on gold and yale (by mcdonalds across from UNM)...leo and the crew he's a bit expensive ($150 an hour) but i think he's awsome...only thing is you have to call in advance to have a sit down and have him book you...i like the atmosphere and go by what he tells me every time i get a tat...good tattoos aren't cheap and cheap tattoos aren't good....

-joey koncrete



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