I know this topic has been posted on DCF before, but most of the discussions I have found seemed to be dated several years ago.  I know new salons open all the time and there are always new stylists coming on the scene.  I've been to a few places in town, and I just can't seem to find the right person to cut and color my hair.   I've gone to a few people who had great reviews all over the place, but the end result was mediocre at best.  I want someone with a great personality matched with current hair cutting and coloring skills. 

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My hair person once told me that when one goes to a new stylist it takes at least 3 trips before the stylist understands your hair.  The 1st time the stylist is meeting you and your hair for the very first time - it's a get acquainted cut.  The 2nd time is a little more familiar and the client is usually better able to articulate what they want.  And then the 3rd time is when it should all come together because by then the stylist and your hair are old friends.  I only point this out because so many people are disappointed after one cut and try someone new just to have the cycle repeat itself.  It's just something to consider. Good luck finding someone.

Very interesting response.  Who is your hair person?

His name is David and unfortunately he isn't taking any more clients. I've been going to him for about 20+ years as have most of his clients (we're a lot of oldies).   But I thought there was a lot of wisdom in what he said.
Is this David at Marc Pardo's?
No, it's not.

Darn.  My wife has been going to David at Pardo's for years.  She got a call a couple of weeks ago letting her know that he is leaving Pardo's and starting his own salon.  They wouldn't give her any info on the new place.  She is trying to find out where his new place will be.

I wish her luck.  "My" David took a couple of years off and hair-wise they were the most hellish 2 years of my life.  I never did find someone that satisfied me and I sympathize with your wife's situation.  Of course this was before he'd given me his wisdom about the 3-cut approach.  If "my" David were taking clients I'd absolutely let you know more about him.
I'm pretty sure it will be called, Square Roots (I think) -- located downtown on Slate Street  - near Amerasia.

The new salon is probably "Square Root." I think I linked to their facebook page. They are planning to open sometime on August.


I would recommend one of their stylists- Anna. She has a great personality to go with her haircutting skills.

I would recommend Keith Cisco for cut and color.  He's great. 710-5037

I've been going to him for quite a few years.

Larry at Hair Artistry kicks butt for men, women, kids and teens. He does what you want and understands. He's on San Mateo, between Montgomery and Comanche (west side, across from the library) call 883-1724
I suggest Erika Quist, 615-6000. She works at a small salon on the corner of 12th and Mountain, near Old Town. She's wonderful, experienced, and she has personality galore! I love her!


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