I know this topic has been posted on DCF before, but most of the discussions I have found seemed to be dated several years ago.  I know new salons open all the time and there are always new stylists coming on the scene.  I've been to a few places in town, and I just can't seem to find the right person to cut and color my hair.   I've gone to a few people who had great reviews all over the place, but the end result was mediocre at best.  I want someone with a great personality matched with current hair cutting and coloring skills. 

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"I want someone with a great personality matched with current hair cutting and coloring skills"

Sharon @ Studio Red in Nob Hill is fantastic. I think she hits the mark on both your needs.

I really like Studio Red too.

I'll second (third) a recommendation for Sharon.  Studio Red is full of highly qualified people who are into modern, creative looks.  And they're all a lot of fun to chat with while you're "under the knife."


Studio Red

3205 Silver Avenue Southeast
Albuquerque NM 

Old thread or not, I'll still recommend:


1.  Shannon @ Orbit Salon

204 Dartmouth Dr. NE





2. Alberto @ Atelier

12th & Mountain


I went through a few stylists before I found my current favorite. her name is nicole and she just moved to alchemy salon on menaul. she specializes in short hair (think chin length to super cropped) and I haven't done as much color with her.


I think that part of what made things work with her was that I started collecting images of hairstyles I I liked. I usually take in a couple when I have an appt. so I can say "I like x about this cut and y about this other cut." it's made me much, much better at communicating what I want in a haircut!

I have been going to Dominic Herrera owner and sole stylist at Hair Etc since I moved here.  He's wonderful, really understands how to frame hair to various types of faces & styles - and has no problem with accepting any of my requests or questions about things to try with my hair.  He is kind enough to tell me if one of my ideas is great, or not so great, for my face and style.


He used to be downtown on 10th & Coal, but recently relocated to Lomas & Washington.  I highly recommend him! 505-265-2895


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