According to owners Larry & Dorothy Rainosek, today February 10th is the 40th anniversary of the day they first opened the doors at the venerable Central Avenue dining spot.  This community is indebted to the Rainoseks - not only for running a really great place to meet and eat - but for all of their philanthropy with UNM and many other community organizations.

Happy 40th to The Frontier! 

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Huh! I happened to stop in for breakfast this morning, and saw that they had red and silver balloons strung in an archway across both the front and the back doors. Now, I know why!

I. Love. The. Frontier.  No really.  I. Love. The. Frontier.  


Happy Birthday!!!!!

Can you believe that I have NEVER been to the Frontier? I never made it farther than Fat Chance in my university days, I guess.

Wow- you should get some kind of award!  Seriously, no one ever managed to drag you there?

I miss the Fat Chance.

I ate at a restaurant at that location...can't remember the name, in 1956.
Feliz cumpleaños Frontier. Even with all of the new hip places that come and go with the wind, you are still the best!
Juevos Rancheros, eggs over easy, green chile stew (no cheese) hash browns instead of beans and 2 tortillas... HEAVEN! Happy Birthday Frontier :^)

I like the Frontier, too . . . particularly their green chile!


However, amidst all the hoopla, remember that the Rainoseks contributed big bucks to Wilson, Domenici, McCain, et al.  They can do what they want with their money, of course.  I'd like to hear what community organizations they support, if anyone has info on that, so I might feel a bit better about throwing my money their way.  I just don't like the idea of supporting businesses whose owners work against my personal world/political views.

My sister's husband Romain Lignier died in 2004 from a glioblastoma. Kellen wanted to do  a fundraiser last March for the UNM Cancer Center in memory of Romain. The Rainoseks donated quite a bit of money to the UNM Cancer Center, and attended with great gusto many of the tastings of Kellen's wine. They are awesome. Kellen and I are both very liberal, and we are proud to call them our friends.
They put a ton of money into UNM, as well...both the main gallery at the new architecture building and the foyer at the remodeled pit are named in their honor, as are (I believe) a couple of scholarships for students.
Thanks, La Guera and Phil_0 . . . they sound like decent people.

As the 26-year host for the Larry Ahrens Bank of America UNM Presidential Scholarship Golf Tournament, I know personally that the Rainosek's donated generously to the golf tournament each year.  The dollars they donated were considerable.  The tournament funded over 51 Presidential Scholars each year on the UNM campus until last year.  We were only interested in providing worthy students from NM a first-rate education - not screening for party affiliation.  Political preferences of the scholarship recipients were never considered by UNM, the Rainosek's or myself.

Now go in there and have a sweet roll - and tell 'em thanks for supporting UNM and the community!


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