I've been doing a lot of hiking lately.  Because I need to get healthy so that when I'm 60 and my son is 20, (sigh) I won't be a crippled, bed ridden dad. Also because I got layed off recently and as much as I job search, I need to clear my head and have the time to do it.

Anywhoo,  I've hiked most of the places near-by (albuquerque area) and am looking for something not too far that has some historical interest. Maybe you hike past a spot where some dude/dudes/dudettes a long time ago, did something awesome. Or they just sat their and then died and some science guy made it a national treasure. ... You know what I'm saying.

Historical or not, what hikes in the area would you reccomend?  Preferrably dog friendly and not expensive.

Thanks Duke City People and people of points elsewhere.

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If you like history, try Cerrillos Hills State Park outside of Madrid. It is not close to ABQ, but it has history galore about mining. $5 day use fee -- new visitors center -- friendly staff -- head clearing views -- well written signs -- great trails -- dogs leashed (not sure that is considered friendly, I do, though). Have fun, good luck on the work search.

That was going to be my suggestion too...there was a lot of mining there in the 19th century and the Spanish poked around too, but it was also the most important turquoise mine in the entire pre-Columbian southwest going back probably at least 1000 years. The Aztec Emperor had turquoise from the Cerrillos mines among his treasures.

You might also want to poke around at Bandelier National Monument...everyone does the short hike on the floor of Frijoles Canyon, but if you hike up onto the mesa to the south there are a lot of small, unexcavated pueblos along the trail going back to the 1200s or so. They don't get much traffic because the trail is steep, but are worth checking out. Lots of artifacts still visible on the surface.

Or is it $7? 

The Salinas Missions (NPS) over by Mountainair are a little far away but would make an interesting day trip and I think there is a state park over there as well.

There is a nice hike at the Quarai ruins. Through the mission and then up over the hill to a nice overview point for the site and some stone corrals left by the Spanish.

I was just reading the BLM's Rio Puerco Office Draft RMP/EIS (accepting comments now on future management for lands around Albuquerque!) and there are lots of interesting (free) sites that weren't on my radar.

Here's the EIS, with maps...


Most of the sites in the Rio Puerco Field Office are within an hour or two of Albuquerque

Zuni Acoma Trail

Guadalupe Ruins

Ignacio Chavez Area

Casamero Pueblo (not too much hiking; more like a short loop walk)

The BLM also manages a very cool petroglyph site in Santa Fe along El Camino Real. If you call the public lands information center in Santa Fe, they'll give you more info on all these places.

M-F 505-954-2002 or toll-free at 877-276-9404

Thank you all for the great suggestions. I'm thinking of heading over to the Quarai ruins today, though I saw they closed part of it.  I'm also thinking of doing a series of hikes covering the Lost Adam's Gold legend. Just for kicks.  There's a story of a guy hunting the gold who was captured by Apache's and then escaped, walking naked down an arroyo for a few days until he got to either Belen or Los Lunas...then hopped a wagon to Santa Fe, that would be kind of interesting... you know, keeping my clothes on though....

Anywhoo, thanks again or the tips.

Have you been out to the Mystery Stone? That's another one you might enjoy...while it's pretty clear to me that a bunch of UNM students from the 1920s or 30s were responsible it's a good story.

Also, do you have the book 60 Hikes in 60 Miles? Lots of great routes there at a range of difficulties, including most of the hikes mentioned on this thread.

I was thinking of going yesterday but it costs 25 bucks to get into it. I'll look for the book, sounds perfect.

25 bucks, really? Is that from the Isletas or the BLM?

Thanks Kenny. ( I don't remember it ever being this tough to find a job...might be going to CNM myself)


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