Is it just me or is the green chile unusually hot this year?

Normally when I go out I expect a mix, some places will be hot, others will be mild, but every plate of green that I've eaten this season has been on the hot side.

I'm not complaining, as I prefer it hot!

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All I can say is, especially on a day like today, I welcome it! I think I may head over to Golden Pride for some green chile stew at lunch.

I hadn't noticed, but that sounds great. Where do you eat?

I always ask whether the red or green is hotter on a given day -- I feel like it's constantly changing, you know? And then, of course, I order the hotter chile.

Actually, let me amend that. I tend to order green in Albuquerque and red up north. But since that usually coincides with my hot/mild question, it always works out right.

It's only a few more months to fresh chile season!

I like hot chile for seasoning food but, when I get a whole bag of roasted, I prefer medium hot, because it's more versatile and I can use a lot more of it in a dish and get that great flavor. I try them out by buying the small ziploc baggies of fresh roasted chile at Fruit Basket before buying a big bag.  This year, the medium hot I've gotten is as mild as bell peppers, which I don't like.  The hot was too hot, I thought.  Has anyone else found medium hot anywhere?


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