Coronado center was like the loop which we have here in florida there was no mall and it had Coronado and statues in front!!

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What are you talking about? First there was dirt and then there was Coronado Center.
I think he means when Coronado was an open-air mall, before the main area was roofed over. Way before my time...
That would have been WinRock. Coronado was built with a roof from the get-go which prompted the competition with WinRock which then roofed over their mall.  It was a dog eat dog race for a few years there. It appears Coronado won. :)
The original Coronado was indeed "an open -air mall' Phil O. And for a while,it didn't have anything that Winrock didn't have except maybe Sears. The Coronado and Conquistador display was[is ?] made out of rought sheet metal and is an excellent work of art. I remember it being at the southeast corner of Sears and adjacent to something like a Skaggs or Payless on the east side. Nice memories. I remember a time when the downtown merchants didn't care if you shopped with them or not. Then the whole town got up and moved east. All of the major downtown stores opened first in Nob Hill and then in Winrock and Coronado and downtown was just downtown after that.
Oh yeah Kistler Collister was the worst if u were a nobody they would not even wait on u!!
And they were just as snooty when they put the store on the northeast corner of Lomas and San Mateo. But they did carry nice, up-scale merchandise. Thanks for your input. Regards.
Was it the Fremont deli at the east end of Coronado center they had international food there and I remember Rhodes dept store it turned into Liberty House and then Mervyns< what is it now!!!
How about Albuquerque National Bank "Thats my Bank" became Sun something then Boatmans Bank then Bof A what a worthless Bank!!
ANB was a class act in the early years[50s,60s] Don't know anything about them after the mergers. Their downtown bank on the northeast corner of Central and Third St. had a very nice four face clock that chimed the quater hours and struck the hours. I believe Walgreens was on the northwest corner, an upscale jewelry store on the southeast corner[Foggs?] and PayLess[?] on the southwest corner. I got a tour of downtown Albuquere in 2008 and everything was different except I did recognize the First National Bank at Third and Central and of course the Kimo at Central and Fifth St.Also the El Rey at Central and Seventh St. Regards 
I'm going to correct myself here and locate Albuquerque National Bank on the northeast corner of Central and Second St. The First National Bank was on the northeast corner of Central and Third St. I had my first ride in an elevator in that building and it scared the hell out of me. I climbed stairs until I finally got over my fear.
I remeber Rhodes because they were new to the Albuquerque area. Am I correct in saying Rhodes had two floors and an escalator? Rhodes was the anchor store on the south side. The original Coronado Center did not extend beyond Sears on the west. Sears tire store was west of the main store and fronted on Menaul.Regards
I think Rhodes was east facing Louisiana that was Liberty House then Mervyns.


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