How do you feel about Public Art in Albuquerque? Take the survey and let us know!

The Albuquerque Public Art Program and the Albuquerque Arts Board are seeking your feedback about public art in Albuquerque so that we can include it in our Strategic Plan for 2013.

The Albuquerque Public Art Survey is designed for two types of participants - those who live in the greater Albuquerque metro area, and those who do not but have visited Albuquerque recently.

Participation in this survey is voluntary. Help us ensure our first ever Albuquerque Public Art Survey is robust and meaningful by: 1) answering all of the questions to the best of your knowledge and, 2) spreading the word to as many people as possible to fill it out!

The survey is open from December 3, 2012 to January 15, 2013. Survey results will be available on our website in late January 2013.

Watch a Video About the Survey! If you would like more information about the Albuquerque Public Art Survey you can watch a video about it. Listen in as Public Art Program Manager, Sherri Brueggemann, describes what survey participants can expect, how the survey will be used and why it is important to the program.

For a list of all of our videos, please visit our public art videos webpage.

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Public art in Albuquerque rocks!  The City's public art program is visionary and does a stupendous job.  Thanks for making Albuquerque even more fun to explore and enjoy.

So far so good, but let's have more.

We have over 750 artworks in the collection, check them all out here in this interactive map!

Why can't the Mayor's Office fund these art projects with something like Kickstarter? At least then you would have a choice as to which ones you want to pay for, and the people who don't want any of them don't have to pay at all.

Even if they are publicly funded, the least that the city could do is to not put them on the highways and streets – when you're driving, you're supposed to watch the road, not look at artwork.

Hi Mike, please share your views in the survey:

We always include neighborhood representatives on public art selection committees. If you are interested in serving please send us an email!

Also, the large pots on I-40 were installed by the NM Department of Transportation, not the City. Thanks!

Mike, totally agree. I mean, hell, the city should build 20-foot walls along all highways through ABQ (funded by kickstarter, of course) that would block the view of those pretty mountains that are always distracting me from watching the road. Please paint them (the walls, not the mountains) gray, so as to block out any of the sunset's potentially attractive wavelengths as well....

You only have 10 days left to take the survey! So far we've had 770 visitors and 595 residents fill it out. Come on Albuquerqueans! We want YOUR input about public art in YOUR city. And tell your friends to fill it out too!

Art is so subjective. You'll never please everyone. I say more art everywhere!

Thanks Sarahjmd, we always remind people that there are so many artworks in the public art collection that there is something for everyone, if you don't like one piece you're sure to find one you DO like...check out some of the artworks on our Flickr photostream:

Art doesn't start with city government. It has to grow from the bottom up and community by community, just light Christmas lights expand on a street, then two streets, then a neighbor. Still, the idea I've heard somewhere that the historic railroad buildings along the track could become at art center is an excellent idea and needs to be pushed by both artists and their contacts in city hall and to appropriate businesses. It would help the Rail Runner and create a symbiotic energy that could grow into something really big...really, really big.


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