First, just know that only YouTube videos seem to work well on the site. With that knowledge, here's what you should do to embed a video:

1. Go to YouTube and find the video you want. 
2. Under the video you'll find a link to share: 

3. Click on that link, and then choose Embed:

4. Copy the embed code (it's the highlighted code above).

5. Go to your post on the Duke City Fix, and rather than using the Media tab, click the link to see your post in the HTML Editor:

6. Look for the spot where you want your video. For first-timers, it may be easiest to put it at the very start or very end of the post.

7. When you switch back to Visual Mode, the video will be a blank, yellow-ish box. That's okay!

8. To resize the video, while you're in the HTML editor, edit the HTML to change the size. You're looking for a section of code that looks like this (but uses the link specific to your video): 

9. You'll want the video to be 720px wide. To make that happen, change the number after width= to "720".

10. You'll also need to adjust the height. There are several different ratios that your video might have:

  • If width = 560, make the height 518
  • If width = 420, make the height 520

If the width is some other number, use this aspect ratio calculator to figure out the height. 

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