My wife and I have seen an marked increase in door to door soliciting in our NE Heights neighborhood. Door to door sales people have never really bothered us but lately, they have become annoying and some, like the shady fellow selling frozen meat out of his pickup truck, have become unsettling. Normally, there is an increase in soliciting when school starts, but these aren't school kids coming by. Anyone else seeing an increase where they live?


Seems like some strongly worded No Soliciting signs are in order.

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I didn't think that "No Soliciting" was the same as "Do not Disturb for anything".  I thought it was about commercial transactions, not civic ones.  Apparently many people disagree.  We have often distinguished between commercial and civic speech in this country, starting with the Constitution.  The Do Not Call list, for instance, exempts political calls.


We have an elderly, excitable dog who gets agitated when the bell rings and my partner works odd shifts and naps during the day. I don't care how "valuable" your information is, it's not more valuable than our peace and quiet. We have tried disabling the bell and not going to the door and people STILL come to the door, knocking over and over if we don't answer and then acting taken aback when we do answer and are curt with them. We don't want to talk to anyone at our door we didn't invite to our house! Period. I can get 99% of the information you listed online when I need to have it. I don't need it shoved in my face at my door. Households you're disturbing with your canvassing have elderly relatives, elderly dogs, small babies who don't sleep at night, workers who can't sleep at night because they're at work, and small children who need naps living in them. The NO SOLICITING sign is there for a reason.

"The Do Not Call list, for instance, exempts political calls."

And that is exactly why we got rid of our landline phone 7 years ago. While all of our friends gripe and complain, at election time, about all the political calls they get, we aren't disturbed at all.

I have an excitable dog, too.  But I also know that the reason he is so excitable is that I have not taken the time and trouble to train that out of him.  I don't blame anyone but myself for that, and neither should you, Crosley.

I had a snottier reply typed out, but instead I will just say:

OK, RebLem. Whatever you say.


Yes, actually I did know that- the assumption that I am an idiot and need your guidance is pretty insulting.

 If you want to be in a public place offering information that is different than showing up on my private doorstep.

mombat, if this is the biggest problem in your life, you should give thanks that you are one of the most fortunate people on this particular planet.
Yes, Michelle, you should respect the privacy of the homeowner.  I realize you have what you believe to be an important job, but there is often a very good reason for the sign on the door, besides not wanting to be bothered in your own home.  I have a neighbor caring for their elderly parent suffering from dementia - strangers at the door sets her into a tale spin, plus her sleep cycles are off and she keeps them up most nights, so they are asleep during the day.  There are also people who work nights.

I'm a senior, live alone and am handicapped.  That is exactly why I don't want strangers at my door step.  The locked gate is my answer to those fears.  Before I had it installed I had 2 young men at the door.  They said they 'were in a public speaking class' and that their Professor wanted them to practice on strangers.  Then they paused and asked how they were doing.

I told them that I wasn't born yesterday, I was born in San Francisco and I had some street smarts. I told them to take their 'jive ass talk' somewhere else.  That was the day I called the Wrought-Iron Fence company!  No more cons at my door.

Don't they still make "Day Sleeper and "Do not Disturb" signs?

How about a "Go Away.  Yes, this means you." sign?

But seriously, I don't care if you're selling magazine subscriptions, political influence or just God; don't bother me.   If I wanted to interact with some political flak or some bozo trying to convince  me to believe whatever superstition they believe in then I'd seek them out.  There's a whole world's worth of information at my very fingertips courtesy of this new-fangled inter-web thing.  I don't need you or anyone else knocking on my door to inform me of whatever it is you find so important.  I have the right to not be bothered in my own home whereas you don't have the right to bother me.

I wouldn't put a "Day Sleeper" sign on my door because I don't want to advertise when I am home and when I am not.
Doesn't the no soliciting work well enough?  Why is a further explanation needed?  When people are in their private homes they have a right  not be disturbed by anyone for any reason.


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