Alright, so I rarely listen to music on the radio, but I sometimes carpool with my wife and she listens to 93.3 in the morning. So John and the PopTarts was the name of the morning show. Anyways, in the last couple of weeks John and one of the poptarts (female radio personality) was no longer on. I later learned this lady's name was Leah Black, my wife thought maybe they were on vacation - I on the other hand figured they had been canned. So I emailed the program director Justin Riley, this morning and he confirmed it, they are no longer with the station (John and Leah). However, the traffic lady - Kiki Garcia will remain for a new AM show. Not to be mean - but Kiki Garcia sucks, ok for the traffic but less interesting when it comes to morning radio topics.

I've complained about radio personalities before but a word to any of them out there - your life in ABQ is probably not interesting enough to make it a daily topic of conversation. Do us a favor, work for your money read some news and talk about topics other than your trip to Lowes (Paging Bob Clark).

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I miss John and the Pop Tarts too. I start listening when it was John, Leah and Kit Missile. Kit left and Katie Fitter joined the Pop Tarts for awhile. But John and Leah were the staples. Here is an idea I want to throw out there...and would appreciate some feedback, because I am involved in possibly making this happen...what do you think about John & Leah "popping" up somewhere else...even if it's not in the radio world? My50-TV has a VJ that changes out each year (usually an on-air female host), and they have a station announcer (the voice of My50-TV). Just a thought.
That sounds like an awesome idea! You know....if they "Popped" up out of nowhere! Whatever morning show that brought those (John and Leah) two on would have some skyrocketing ratings from the get go because I know at my work they are truly missed.
It happened.  John is now doing the official voice for My50-TV and Leah is the new VJ starting Monday.  They have a press release and a video on their website:
I believe Kit is doing radio commercials for Jiffy Lube.  I heard her doing a spot for Jiffy's annual Angelfire Ski promotion the other day.
John Forsythe is a local radio icon. He was always great to listen to. I am tired of hearing about Kiki's shopping trips for shoes, all the television shows she watches. She obviously doesn't have a life. How many TV's does she have in her house 50?? The new morning show is boring and limp. Definitely need John back! Kiki cannot even pronounce the word "accident". Amazing she is a radio personality........boring stuff.
James, I agree wholeheartedly! Sometimes when you are a radio personality - you have to take a step back and realize that unless you lead a very interesting life - you have to find other stuff to talk about. She reminds me of some loud mouth from high school that could never shut up about themself. If she would get a clue that the audience really does not want to hear story after story of her boring personal life, or screwed up opinions the show would at least be tolerable. Well maybe not.
For you social media fans, I encourage you to follow John on Facebook. Search for "The Hole-In-One Guy" and watch him try to make his golf course dreams come true. His website is

Also, you can make fun o Douchebag and Lispy in the Morning (as I like to call Justin and Kiki's show) by following KOBFMSucks on Twitter or joining the KOBFM Sucks Facebook page.

As for Leah, she is doing great and performing regularly in town on stage. Check out some of her videos at I bet she'd love it if you came out to support her next time she performs.

As for local radio, this move prompted me to purchase XM Radio for my car.
Kevin, I can't find that Twitter or the Facebook page. Do they really exist?
Well at least I know what happened to John and Leah but WHY? Kiki isn't bad its just that she is working w/the boss JJ Riley and he sucks at being on live..he needs to stay behind a desk. I am now looking for another station to make my morning. I use to listen to the Peak 100.3, but Jackie got on my nerves, she reminded me of Mrs. Kravitz on Bewitch...her naggy voice was too much.. although I enjoyed Tony and Donnie June....sorry abt her accident but, she needs to re evaluate her part of the show..she is one of those women that need to interject abt everything like her input means anything, which it doesn't. So if anyone has any suggestions for a new station hit me up.
Kiki isn't bad? Wow, look get a clue - she is THAT BAD, in fact she is probably worse. Her commentary is a yawn, and her laziness apparent. Like I have said repeatedly, most of us do not lead lives that are so interesting we can talk about them day after day to others on the air waves. That is why good radio hosts do a little research (like cracking open a newspaper) so that they have something to talk about that may interest their listeners. Hearing about her narrow-minded opinions, or her trips to the mall is boring. Even as a traffic reporter her skills are suspect. I'm not trying to make a personal attack its just honest criticism - and NO I would not do a heck of alot better - but at a minimum I would refrian from boring you with stories of my day to day activities.
Totally agree with you Gary. Another thing that bothers me about Kiki is that she degrades other women's styles, weight, and appearance. She needs to look in the mirror and get a reality check. She is not all that! She thrives on putting down other woman while she looks like a linebacker for a 13 year old YAFL team.....Truth hurts.
Right on James! You hit the nail on the head - that is why Leah Black was pretty good on the show - she avoided comments that were overly judgemental and the tendency was to consider that her audience included a large array of differing types. If Kiki was taller and I really believed she had an ounce of athleticism I would urge her to try to walk on to our Lobo Football team for some much needed defense.


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