Alright, so I rarely listen to music on the radio, but I sometimes carpool with my wife and she listens to 93.3 in the morning. So John and the PopTarts was the name of the morning show. Anyways, in the last couple of weeks John and one of the poptarts (female radio personality) was no longer on. I later learned this lady's name was Leah Black, my wife thought maybe they were on vacation - I on the other hand figured they had been canned. So I emailed the program director Justin Riley, this morning and he confirmed it, they are no longer with the station (John and Leah). However, the traffic lady - Kiki Garcia will remain for a new AM show. Not to be mean - but Kiki Garcia sucks, ok for the traffic but less interesting when it comes to morning radio topics.

I've complained about radio personalities before but a word to any of them out there - your life in ABQ is probably not interesting enough to make it a daily topic of conversation. Do us a favor, work for your money read some news and talk about topics other than your trip to Lowes (Paging Bob Clark).

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I love Jackie, Tony and Donnie in the morning on the Peak. I love the funny comments about everyday life. Tony said one day.."After watching Christopher Meloni in "OZ", he had to watch his eyes out with soap!" I almost peed in my pants from laughing so hard. The interaction between the three of them is honest and refreshing.
Local radio in Albuquerque has turned into a vast wasteland of idiotic commercials, vapid "personalities", and general hacky-ness.
Such a shame. I've stopped listening to the station because I just don't find it amusing anymore. They had a good thing going and blew it by removing two of the trio.
She does suck and I can't imagine why anyone would listen to that station without John and Leah. I could not care less about what Kiki and her honey bear did this weekend. S-U-C-K-S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I prefer to call KOB-FM's new morning show featuring J.J. Riley and Kiki Garcia "Douche Bag and Lispy in the Morning." If you're on Facebook, please go to the Unlike KOB-FM page and rant (!/Kevinagogo?v=wall&story_fbid=158747430802517). Or, follow KOBFMSucks on Twitter.

The station certainly let go the most talented and highest paid talent on their station in an effort to save money, which is a typical radio ploy. Prior to adding Kiki to the Pop Tarts, I enjoyed listening to the morning show banter. Kiki's addition, complete with her speech impediment, lack of humor and non-redeemable social skills brought the show down. Now, J.J. Riley and Kiki Garcia make one of the worst radio tandems in this time zone.

This move proves to me that moving to satellite radio is the only viable option.
Wow, I thought it sucked when the got rid the bean. I finally found a morning show i liked. I guess it's back to Howard Stern.
That's crap! I have listened to 93.3 for 20 years -- I remember when Biondi and the Bean started!! I want my John and the Pop-Tarts back!!
wow, surprised they didn't go all cheap and dump john and the poptarts for a satellite-delivered morning show (i.e. is Ryan Seacrest in this market or up for grabs to any station that wants to ink a deal to carry it?)

I listen to Dan Patrick myself so I can't comment on the music/dj morning show scene around here.
I had switched over for a week or so and didn't even know they were gone till I saw this thread.
I switched back and ......sorry but what they have now really sucks.
I liked john and Leah, and can't believe they're not working together in the morning. They always felt like kind of family the way they would tell stories about their weekend adventures, and it always felt like the kinds of thing I do as well.
I can't believe they would risk losing their core morning audience.
Remember about two christmases ago when they were giving the X-Boxes away to the 93rd caller? The give-away was supposed to go on for 10 days or so and they had to stop it after the first day because they burned up the phone lines and downtown area phones just about failed? Doesn't that prove how powerful they were?
Sorry but in the mornings I can't stand to drive and listen to 770 talking heads, or 94 rock and the re-treads working there.
93.3 always had a way of making the start of the day seem okay. The traffic reporting was regular, and the music started the day off.
Oh well, I agree with someone before me, it's over to sattelite radio for me CH 14 classic Vinyl rocks!
This may sound bizarre, but since John and the Pop Tarts left the morning show, my mornings haven't been the same. I can't stand listening to Kiki Garcia because she has an old lady voice, or like she is just trying too hard. And she is just plain dingy. And JJ Riley, (or whatever his name is) does not carry the family style or chemistry that John Forsythe and Leah Black had. He's too robotic. I could do without Kiki, but I'm sure this Riley guys morning show would end up down the tubes if he didn't have someone or something to talk to. (And frankly, the way she talks..I wouldn't doubt she found herself a surefire way of keeping herself on the radio show be it shameless or not, because how ironic that the two people who made the radio show prior to her showing up were canned) For those of us who don't have Satelite Radio, we have to change the channel and find some other radio station who carries the same type of music which is leaning more towards 97.3, but sometimes I find those two disc jockey's just plain rude. And 100.3 and their "6 listeners"...quite frankly if I wanted to hear husband and wife bickering in the morning I'd call my parents, and the only sane one on that show is Donnie. So what gives? I petition to bring John and Leah back to 93.3 so some of us can have some familial surroundings, and regularity in our mornings without having to pay for satelite radio, and be able to listen to hip hop at the same time.
I so agree with you abt 100.3, she belittles him and thinks its wonder he has the attitude with her...if he could trade her in he would at what ever value available...aka zero..haha....I saw her in person one time and that was enough...she is Mrs Kravitz from Bewitch for sure....nag nag...and I would have to use 102.5 Erica Viking's line..."bitch please"....although she is another story.
Wow "rose", that's pretty harsh considering you don't even know the person you're talking about. Seeing as how my wife is still recovering from being hit by a drunk driver back in September, I won't bother her with your asinine comments. I will however, let you know that I wouldn't "trade" her in for anything. Morning show partner, or life partner. We go in each morning, open up the mics, and hope that it sticks. Sometimes it does, and sometimes you get to read ignorant posts about yourself on DCF. Our show isn't for everyone, and that's why your radio comes with a scan button.

As for John and Leah, we wish them both the best of luck. John is a great guy, who has had an amazing career in radio. Leah is an incredible talent, and we hope she lands on her feet soon.


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