I have been trying to find some juicy burgers out here in ABQ. Not the typical frozen slab, but good handmade juicy burgers, any suggestions?

Also some good chinese take out would be fabulous!

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I agree, Spinn's on Coors and Montano.
Try the Rodeo Grill on Wyoming and Montgomery! They have fabulous 'Burgritos' (like a tortilla burger) and THE most amazing milkshakes.......
I was just going to suggest this! The burgrito with BBQ sauce, bacon, and fried egg is to die for. And the milkshakes are not just delicious, they're interesting gourmet flavors.
Bobcat Bites in Santa Fe. http://www.bobcatbite.com/
As for take-out Chinese, I'd suggest Chopstix. Runner up would probably be East Ocean.
Here's the definitive discussion of the "Best Burger" topic from about 10 months ago... lots of good info to glean.
So I tried Oneils this past week, not really a fan. The burger had probably been a frozen hockey puck and was really this. I told the waiter that I wanted it nice and juicy and he recommended 'medium'. It came out pretty much well done. The spices were ok, but I am looking for a real hand pattied thick juicy cheesy burger. This didn't cut it.
Hey Faith, try the Nob Hill Bar & Grill- they do a very nice burger. In fact, I think it's one of the only decent things they do outside of cocktails. Paul's Monterrey Inn used to do a nice, freshly chopped sirloin burger at lunch, too.
Well my current fave is Monroe's Green Chile Cheeseburger with Sweet Potato Fries. I'm a Southern Californian originally and the only thing i miss from CA is In and Out Burger. This is the closest thing I've found to that in NM. Only you get it with Hatch Chile!
You know there's an In-n-Out knockoff here in town?

If you go, please report back (because their feedback is decidedly.... dubious):

Sorry I'm late....but none the less:

Lindy's, downtown 5th and Central-flame grilled, hand pattied, juicy yumminess and cheap

I 2nd Red Ball Cafe on South 4th

Not in ABQ but great sight seeingevents with a happy ending:
Los Ojos in Jemez (especially this time of year after a soak in some hot springs0

And right now the're making a great burger at the Mine Shaft Tavern in Madrid.

Happy Hamburger hunting and welcome to the Duke City
Thanks! I saw the red ball cafe the other day and wondered how it was. I went to a Lindy's in Tucson and they had great burgers, I may have to try it out!


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