Dear neighbors,
Have you been enjoying the music that comes from KAFB at 5pm and 10pm? Me neither, but I tolerated it. Now the 7am bugle has sent me over the edge.
Here is the number of Public Affairs and a nice boy named Brian will take your complaint, if you are so inclined:

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I'm not home at 5, but I hear the "taps" at 10 every night...It was cool for a while, but now it's sorta depressing...I have not heard the 7:00 bugle, but I'm usually in the shower...
Who is playing...and why?
New base commander made it base policy when he arrived about 5 months ago.
So you are hearing this too, I thought it was a bad dream that they did add reveille at 7. Between that and the Highland High School band starting around 6:45 there's no hope, fortunately I'm up by that time already. But I will call the number and try to appeal to any shred of "neighborliness" they might have left in them.
I don't mind the music coming from the base, and I LOVE the Hornet marching band, but I have kids that get up at 6:45am anyway. Here's the other, more lengthy discussion of this topic that happened in May on The Fix. Good luck with resolution. They're pretty autonomous over there...
How nice that none of this bothers you! Can you understand why it might bother other people though?
The reason it doesn't bother me is because I put it in perspective with all the other extraneous, out-of-my-control noise I hear in the modern world and the few minutes in sum aggregate per day that it lasts are but a blip in my life.

I like to think of it this way- the sirens I hear endlessly running up and down San Mateo are much more annoying, and even less predictable (I could choose to brush my teeth every day at 7am, 5pm and 10pm and I would never even hear the bugling at the base.) but I don't mind them because they are necessary for the public safety and I chose to live in a city, not out int he country somewhere.

Similarly, the bugling at the base serves to teach, motivate and provide structure and substance for the members of our military community, who serve the American public in often times even more ultimate kind of way.

So in the grand scheme of things it's not really that bothersome to me. Now their dumping toxic waste and secretive, seeping fuel spill that we hear nothing about, that bothers me.

But yes, I can see how it might bother other people, though.
Some of you that live closer to Zuni, may not hear it too loudly, but over nearer to Gibson it is really LOUD three times a day every day.
While the new tunes are annoying to me as well, they're not nearly as ridiculous as the over-the-top engine run-up noise coming from the base, so loud it sets off car alarms at 1am.
I agree, I will continue to call and complain (and let Rey Garduno know) about the hot refueling from 10pm to 7am...
My wife and I have a game we started the other night.

First one to guess which fixed-wing/rotor aircraft is revving-up doesn't have to cook the next day.

Those Huey guys must never leave the ground. :)
even though those ospreys are annoyingly loud, I love watching them in flight. One came very close to our house tho other evening around dusk and it was awesome.
I'm enjoying the music, but I'm new to the neighborhood.


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