Looking for place in ABQ metro to run (Ideally would be to run steps-stairs)

Hi everyone:

I'm new to ABQ, arrived from Seattle a few weeks ago. I'm looking for a place in the ABQ metro area where I can run (besides the sidewalks, etc), and ideally, I'd like to run stairs.

I don't have a car right now so it has to be in the general metro area. I'm currently living around the Nob Hill area.

I'm one of those people who have to have a bit of physical torture added to my exercise. Running down the street or on a track seems to get really boring to me kinda fast. :)

I was thinking there must be some place where a person can run steps or stairs? I know there's schools around but you can't really do that when school is in session.

What about the UNM football stadium? Is that open to public access when there's no practice or games going on?

Any other ideas? And I don't mind walking to wherever the site is, if it's not more than a few miles away.

Any suggestions for this newbie are appreciated!

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My daughter and her boyfriend run the stairs at Pat Hurley Park - but it's not close to Nob Hill.  If you take the bus, or get transportation soon, it's on the West side of town.  She says it's great.  

Not sure if you can run the stairs at Milne Stadium which is in the vicinity you are in. 

Thank you Adelita!

That park looks awesome. Yeah, I'll have to look into the bus for that, but it's certainly do-able. I was thinking about Milne Stadium too. From what I can tell it's part of the public school district. If I'm correct then it may be OK for the weekend or when school is out during the summer. That's on my list to check out too. I'm going out tomorrow to explore some streets in the area. I was thinking if I can find a hilly area around Nob Hill or on the way to downtown, I might be able to find a city block somewhere where I can run up, go down to the next street and sort of coast down, then go back to the original street and repeat. I don't know if I'm making sense, sorry! :)

If you think of any other places, please let me know and thanks a lot for getting back to me!

The only park I can think of that has that change in elevation is Netherwood, which is north of Nob Hill (near Indian School and Girard). It's small but steep, and there are sidewalks to the side. You might look at that?

Don't forget the Sandias, too! The New Mexico Mountain Club folks are keen carpoolers and do some pretty tough hikes. You might ask about trailrunning among their members. 

http://nmmountainclub.org/ or http://www.meetup.com/NMMountainClub/

Also: http://www.meetup.com/hiking-204/

My husband is a member of both the Mountain Club and the hiking meetup, and both are fairly insane. 

Thanks! I'm going to check out Netherwood. I know where that is, not too far of a walk for me to get there either. And I'll check out the Mountain Club too. I'm already on Meetup so I'll look into that.

Thank you!

Does it have to be steps or will steep suffice?  Perhaps the steepest hill in town is George SE, the road that travels from the west side of the Sunport to University.  The Post Office is over there.  It's wide, well-paved, lightly-trafficked.  For quickest access walk down Girard to the terminal, across the front of the terminal, out the loading-dock side of the terminal, through the parking lot.  Just west of the PO is the steep part, about 1.5 miles from Gibson & Girard.


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