Looking for Potential Muralists for an APS School Project

We are working on a project with APS at an elementary school (which I'll withhold for the time being) where we are going to have a large mural, approximately 16 feet high by 50 long.  We are collecting names of interested muralists and taking suggestions from DCF readers for muralists to consider.  Any recommendations and ideas are welcome.

This project has been designed and is in the funding stage.

The artists will be working to execute ideas generated by the school and the students.


Thank you,

Mark Baker

Baker Architecture + Design

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I used to study under Lou Maestas years and years ago.( And by study I mean took classes from him... and his assistants.)   He was a fairly well known artist and muralist.  Looks like he's writing a book now though. 




Other than that I got nothing.  Good luck.

Thanks for that.  Lou Maestas is probably over qualified for this project from what I just learned of his work on his website.  He is a "Master Artist" and our mural is a bit more elementary, urban, cool.  To give a better sense of the spirit of the mural: The school wishes to paint a stylized street scape with various building fronts (post office, bank, grocery) and street life.  The style should be fun and visually stimulating for kids.
Hmm...well, he used to have his students go work on some of the murals. If nothing else he night be able to point you ib the right direction. Unfortunatly my artist network isn't what ut used to be. Also, Mosquero, NM recently did what your speaking of with their entire town. Granted, the entire town is about a hundred yards long but their chamber of commerce might be another lead....


I have just recently moved here from Roswell, where I painted several murals around town, including one at Goddard High School where I had to recreate the mural from 1965 when the school was built.

I also do carnival ride fronts: funhouses, mirror mazes, dark rides.



Mike 360 (aka Mike Ipiotis) worked on the mural at Washington Middle School, did the big mural overlooking I-25 just north of Bridge, and has been involved with a ton of other mural projects around town. He'd be an excellent person to contact and would definitely know other muralists around town as well.



I know that Indigenous Digital Media works with youth on varies projects including murals.



They recently did a mural with Coronado Elementary, downtown at 5th and Iron. There are some photos here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?id=362422170282&aid=179649

and they have done murals with La Plazita Institute http://www.laplazitainstitute.org.

They collaborate with lots of artists so they might also be a good source for recommendations. 

Good luck with the project. It always wonderful to see communities dedicated to creating art with young people. 


I watched the Coronado Elementary school mural happen (it is very close to my house) and I have to say I was so impressed with the way it took shape, how the kids came together, and now it is such a point of pride in our neighborhood! 


Good luck with the mural project - such a wonderful idea. I hope that you'll keep us posted as the project comes to fruition!


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