I haven't seen any polling functions on DCF, and it's too late at this hour to try to insert them, but I'm curious what the DCF audience is thinking about the mayoral race. I have my own strong opinions, but what do you think?

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Albuquerque's home builders, realtors and construction companies are voting for Berry- great, just great.
a vote for Berry will beget more empty, ugly office complexes, Walgreens, and auto supply stores, esp. on the NWside...
so Berry will not be getting my vote, neither will Marty McFly...
Berry is a Libertarian fruitcake (Libertarianism = anarchism for the rich, and I do mean *for*). This is a brand of reactionary nuttiness that has bedeviled American politics for a long time. Don't let it get in the saddle here, or we'll be cleaning up the resulting mess for decades; see: Grover Norquist, the man behind George Bush & co., for an idea of where this kind of pernicious nonsense leads. Our grandkids are going to still be cleaning up after *those* guys.
I had a personal encounter with the mayor in '94, during his first term, in front of a bunch of wide-eyed cub scouts preparing to tour his office that showed a level of ego and anger that I will never forget. I will skip the details, but I vowed never, ever to pull the lever for that man. And I am sure there are at least a dozen former cubbies who are still in therapy over what they witnessed that day. It was awful.
Anyone but a Democrat. Only 25% of registered Republicans turned out to vote in November and look what it go us.
What does that mean, "look what it got us?"

Olympia Snowe is the big dawg in the Senate doing her best to undermine health savings to the citizenry of our whole country, Blue Dogs who support the Republican agenda are calling shots on insurance reform in the House, right wing talking heads promote hatred in their control of the mainstream media.

What's the difference from pre-2009 except we have a President who can speak in whole sentences and has a genuine smile? Cripes.
Scott and bg should take notice of the title of this thread: "Mayor's Race." This is about local politics, not national. Let's keep it on topic, yes?
Yes, friendly moderator here saying, "Take it HERE, please."

Thanks, Benny.
The mayor's race is officially non-partisan, too...so for the purposes of this discussion, it's Demo-what? Republi-who?
My points were:
1. I would not vote for a dumbacrap for anything, including the Mayors race.

2. If more than 25% of Republicans would get off their lazy *sses and vote, maybe we would win something.
Marty is the man.
I'll vote for Romero because I have witnessed many ego/anger fits from Mr. Marty. Plus, while spouting about being Mr. Green, he supports policies that lead to sprawl (and line the pockets of his developer supporters). Berry scares me--he knows nothing about government except that he doesn't like it. I am afraid that Republicans will turn out in force to vote for him just because he is Republican (see Scot Whiting's comment) and not whether he will be any good for the city or not. Indeed, if it came to Berry vs. Marty, I would pick the lesser of two evils--but I hope to not have to make that choice!
A vote for Berry is a vote to end "sanctuary city"! My guess is that Hispanics will have to carry their birth certificates around with them to prove citizenship. What a pathetic platform! If I were a resident of Burque, I would vote for Romero cause Martin Chavez has been mayor too long and I would not trust anyone with enough power to remove term limits. He used a page out of Hugo's play book! From the looks of the Albuquerque Urinal Poll, Berry will win. I'm really sorry to say this, but I'm lucky to be born white and not reside in the Burque city limits! Just sayin!


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