Even though I am not a regular contributor to the Fix I thought I might get some help here. I need some transmission work done on my dinosaur 89 f250. There are trany shops all over town. What I need is a good transmission guy who works on his/her own. Yes I wish to pay less than a big trany shop. My thoughts on this are, why should I pay someone other than the person who is doing the work. I have a trade business and I charge 1/3 the goin shop rate. I dont have the overhead of a big shop so I dont need to support as much. Also I am sick of middlemen living off the work of everyone else...........SO if anyone knows a trany guy....um transmission guy I would be grateful

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Very honest guy.  How do I know?  He carefully explained why our problem wasn't the transmission and sent us on our way.
By comparison, I heard of a national muffler chain telling a woman that her brakes were bad and charging her $500.  Doesn't sound that terrible, right?  Well, the car was new and under warranty.

United Transmission came highly recommended when my transmission went out on my Dodge Dakota. I felt they were honest and explained exactly what they did. They gave me an estimated range of prices, since they didn't know the extent of the rebuild until they got into it, and the final bill came out near the middle. Guaranteed their work for a year, and the truck has been running great for about 80,000 miles since the rebuild. Oh, and towing was included. I know this is 180 degrees from what you are looking for, but I thought my experience was somewhat relevant for folks looking at all the alternatives for transmission work...

Wise that you clarified Tranny vs. Transmission guy. I was about to give you an interesting referral.

while my post is a year old I do thank everyone for the input. Have a great weekend all.

I guess I started this year-old ball running.  Here's how it happened.  I tried to reply to your Soylent Green post and clicking "Add Reply" didn't work.

So I clicked on your profile to see what else was out there so that I try to get a message to you.

Nothing worked.

I had a rather lengthy reply about the evils of cooking meat in microwave ovens, etc., and how The Range, an otherwise very good place, wrecks their basics, such as Tom's Meatloaf.

Anyway, nothing was clickable.

This went on for a few days and the new owners of DCF never seemed to notice -- P.S. trying to send them a message was equally unclickable.

So I gave up, but saved my message to you on this tranny question.

As soon as DCF seemed to be working again, I clicked "Add Reply."

I'm sorry for starting a year-old discussion that must clearly no longer have had value.

Hey L.C., I disagree about the "no longer have had value." The beauty of this format is that old discussions can be brought back to life from time to time with current relevance. I do love your story about how you were responsible for resuscitating this thread, though! I am curious...Did you ever get to post your comments about The Range? Gonna have to check out the other thread to find out!

that explanation made it worth it.



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