My wife and I will be moving to ABQ in June. We are New Yorkers; however, we are moving from San Diego. We will be living in University Student Family Housing. We have no children and no interest in school systems.  Can anyone provide info about University Housing or the area where the housing is located?


Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.



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if student housing is still on buena vista, then you're just south of cnm (community college) and unm. this puts you within short walking/biking distance of a number of restaurants, coffee shops, etc. in the university heights neighborhood. there's a smith's grocery a couple blocks north and a block east of student housing. about 1/2 mile to the west is roosevelt park, a really lovely new deal park that was restored a few years ago. just north of student housing the heights community center, which has some basketball courts, activities, etc (if you're into that sort of thing).

you'll be about 3/4 of a mile south of central ave, which means easy access to the most efficient bus lines for heading west to edo, downtown and old town, as well as east to nob hill. these are all fairly cool neighborhoods for eating, drinking and hanging out, with a regular movie theater downtown and a tiny local theater in nob hill, showing arthouse, foreign and documentary films, and a great co-op grocery in the nob hill shopping center.

not sure if that's the kind of info you're looking for..anything in particular you were wondering about? we're just a bit north of student housing on lead ave. and we like the walkability of our neighborhood, as well as easy access to public transportation. it's definitely not nyc, but it's a pretty nice spot. welcome!



Thanks for your input. It seems that we will be in a safe environment.





well, I should also point out that our back studio and house have each been broken into in the last 7 years, in both instances while no one was home. between the two break-ins, we lost a laptop, a bike and a bunch of dvds. also, my husband's car was stolen from in front of our house a couple years ago. this sort of property crime isn't uncommon in abq, but it pays to be a little more cautious in the neighborhoods around unm. we're always careful to make sure our windows are locked when we leave the house and we don't leave our bikes outside, even when locked up.

having said that, we've never felt unsafe in our home and we take frequent walks in the evenings and at night, without feeling worried about our personal safety. we've got a kiddo and we've never felt that our neighborhood was a bad or dangerous place to raise her. we'd move if we did.


Where did these events occur at Family Student Housing or in a nearby neighborhood?

We never leave doors/windows unlocked or our possessions unattended out of doors.




as I said above, we live north of married student housing, in the neighborhood immediately adjacent. as people who've lived in major cities, I imagine you have a lot of the habits that will help you avoid any problems.

This housing is just "okay". Not that up to date, and also directly next door to a BMX biking facility, and very close to the football and baseball stadiums. It just kind of depends on your tastes. Its safe enough, though.



“This housing is just "okay". Not that up to date”

How would you rate this two-story townhouse compared to non-University apartment complexes?  What are rents like for a 797 sq. ft. two bedroom townhouse in this area?

Thanks for your help.



Which townhouse? 797 will be about $800, But, there is quite a range.


The Family Student Housing is a two bedroom townhouse with 797 sq. ft. rent is in the $760 per month range. I have never been to ABQ and do not what rents in the area are like. Would you, please provide some info.



you can use google and craigslist to do some research about housing costs and availability in abq.

Yeah, I just checked craigslist. My numbers may be a bit high, but there are some pretty crappy apartments in Albuquerque. So, I would probably expect to pay a dollar a square foot for something kind of nice. I used to live downtown in the old albuquerque high school, and loved it there. Its more pricey, but also higher quality. (i also did the easy commute to UNM..mile away).

You can get some nicer places further from UNM too, but that defeats the purpose.

One good thing about family housing is that you will meet other grad students easily. Also, that is a good way to find out where else you might want to live a semester later. I didn't want to discourage you, but the first comment you received made it seem a bit nicer than it really is in that area.


Thanks for your reply. I think that we will checkout the area once we get there. I just wanted to be sure that we were not going to land in a dangerous environment.



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