My wife and I will be moving to ABQ in June. We are New Yorkers; however, we are moving from San Diego. We will be living in University Student Family Housing. We have no children and no interest in school systems.  Can anyone provide info about University Housing or the area where the housing is located?


Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.



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I went to the website for that housing:

It says the complex is gated, which should help the security.  Yes, you are south of the University and the Community College, near the stadiums.  There aren't many services in the SE Heights where that is, but it is tree-lined and pleasant, and handy to the airport.  I live near Ridgecrest SE, about two miles east of there, and enjoy the neighborhood..  Lots of houses are for rent in Albuq. because of overbuilding and the housing bust.

There is so much to do here, and NM celebrates diversity and its arts and history, unlike the surrounding states.  There is inexpensive theater and live music and dance, and good restaurants!  Also lots of recreation for grownups -- exercise, dancing, team sports.  Being connected to UNM gives you a pass to much of it. (I'm retired from there.)


We have two full-time public radio stations (KUNM and KANW), and a full-time classical station.  There is also Progressive talk radio (KABQ) to help counter the many right-wing and religious stations.  And you can get 4 channels of public television (KNME) without cable.  Unfortunately, our daily newspaper (the Albuq. Journal) is very conservative. Sometimes they don't even tell us about national stories for days, or at all.  But there are lots of local alternatives: the Weekly Alibi and other papers, and many political blogs.


New Mexico has been a progressive oasis in the Intermountain West. (But our current Repub. Gov. is trying to change that.) People from big cities are often pleasantly surprised about Albuquerque, and enjoy the lower cost, lack of crowds, and slower pace.  Also, we have great weather, and many opportunities for outdoor recreation nearby and on day trips -- even downhill and cross-country skiing. June tends to be the hottest month, till the rains come (usually) in July and August.


Thank you for the informative response.  We cannot wait to arrive in Abq. We think that we will fit in without a problem.


Regarding services, Michelle, I beg to differ. UNM student housing is only a few blocks from a Smith's grocery store, and not much further to dozens of restaurants from a wide range of cuisines (along Central Avenue, Yale, Harvard and Cornell), a great music performance space (the Outpost), a great, long-lived local theatre company (the Vortex), laundromats, drug stores, gas stations and more. There is even an excellent local pinata-maker within a mile's walk!


Thanks for the info. This sounds like an okay neighborhood. We will be there June 2.


Gated communities are overrated.  You are at the mercy of the resident with the lowest standards for ringing someone in.

Yes, I agree with you.


I live 4 blocks away...  I like the neighborhood just fine.  Property crime is common in the area, but I've never felt especially unsafe as a single woman walking up to the university for evening events, or to the grocery store.  You'll be fine in terms of safety though you may find you'll prefer other neighborhoods once you're here and get out and explore a bit.


Thanks for your input.


Why do student housing when you can rent a house for the same price in the same neighborhood?

I've heard that it is decent.  And not expensive like NYC.... but then, trust me, THIS AIN'T NYC.  Smiles!

Welcome to Albuquerque. I hope you enjoy your time here and thank you for choosing our city. Here are some websites with more info about ABQ:

These sites may give you a little more information on our beautiful city. Albuquerque is over three hundred years old and is the 32nd largest city in the US according to the US Census Bureau. It's elevation is 5,312ft. Yes, it can snow in Albuquerque :) if you were wondering. Here is also another link that has more on Albuquerque.,_new_mexico


It's difficult for everyone here.


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