moving to albuquerque. any feed back would b appreciated.

Hello all. :-)
I'm relocating to NM for my job. Ill b working in jefferson commons. I'm in my early twenties, I've been researching the area and apartments, n I have found myself completely overwhelmed. I trying to find and apartment around 600. Utilities included would b wonderful. I want to live somewhere safe where I wouldn't have constantly be concerned with gettin robbed. I'm young so id like to b close to somewhere where id b able to socialize and make friends. I'm movin from a small town in pennsylvania so this will def b a change. Does. Anyone have any recomendations for apartment complexes? also any advice for a young adult flying the nest for the first time would b welcome.

Thank n advance for any information


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Welcome to ABQ Ashlee. congrats on the job and the move. I think other people might have specific info on apartments but I suggest you look in the University area. It is fairly safe and there's lots of other people your age -good food, good music, lots of stuff to do and people to meet. I know it will be a bit of a drive to your work- (15 minutes?) but I think the social life will be better for you.Oh, will you have a car? It may be better to rent in a place on a month to month for a while so you can then really look around. Be careful, there are  rental scams where people rent out places they don't own -this happens more with houses I think than apts.

What are your interests? I'll give the same advice people gave me as a young adult and I gave others. Because it works. Find people with interests in common and you'll find friends. There are all types here with a wide range of interests. It is a great place to live. I've only been here a couple of years myself. Dee

Choose Apt along ABQRide bus routes for liberation from needing a car. 

Read apartment reviews posted by actual consumers online in publications like 

Generally, the NE and NW quadrants are safer locations than SE or SW, but there are good and not so good areas in all four quadrants in ABQ. 

Order online the convention & visitors relocation guide. 

Use city web site to look up useful information about areas including crime stats. 

Best wishes. Stu (former transplant from Boston to ABQ). I think you will love living in  ABQ. I certainly count my move to ABQ among the best decisions I have made. 

I agree with Dee...  near the University would be a good area for a twenty-something  (Silver Hill, University Heights, Nob Hill) , but also the Huning Highland historic district, which is between downtown and the university area.  

Thankyou all for the feedback. I really do appreciate it. :-) I'm so excited about comin out there :-)

She already found Duke City Fix, so you know she's cool and will be fine here.  Keep in touch when you get here, Ashlee!

I live on the West side in a really nice area and I was robbed a few months ago.  I would just make sure and lock your doors, get an alarm or a Doberman and just be careful.


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