The (Naughty) Prom You Wish You Had

This June the ArtBar by Catalyst Club, one of Albuquerque’s hippest new ventures, hosts a Naughty Prom that is only for the adults—and you don’t even need a date. Whether your first prom is a treasured memory, or you never went, this unique event on Friday, June 6, offers you the chance to celebrate the sensual side of life with burlesque dancers, poets, 5 of Albuquerque’s most beloved musical acts and more—all the things you wish your prom had (but probably didn’t.)

Albuquerque, NM , May 30, 2014 – “You don’t even need a date to this prom,” Zachary Kluckman, producer of the Naughty Prom at the ArtBar laughs. “This isn’t your typical prom. With burlesque dancers, poets and live music- this is for the young at heart, but its definitely an adult event.”

Kluckman is an award winning local poet with a reputation for hosting highly successful events that are unique in their focus on finding new ways to present poetry. The Naughty Prom at ArtBar (119 Gold St.) may not sound like a place you would find poets, but with a select reading of erotica poetry from several local icons, the event will feature some of Albuquerque’s most sensual writing.

With a title like Naughty Prom, one might wonder what other surprises await as they cross the threshold on Friday, June 6. With a full bar featuring the best mixologists in the state, this prom offers guests a photo booth, games and plenty of room to dance. The organizers are working to re-create a traditional prom atmosphere—with a few notable exceptions. According to Kluckman, the most exciting element of this prom is the theme—sensuality. “For a long time I think prom has been equated to sexual exploration so we want to take that idea and use it to maintain a positive dialogue. I believe celebrating the sensual nature of being alive allows the community a greater freedom to focus on positive sexual expression and help reduce things like gender inequity.”

Saskia Sharp and Zmeya Dali of the Black Widow Cabal, one of the Duke City’s most beloved burlesque troupes, will be performing and adding a playful, sensual twist of their own to the evening. Also spicing things up for the evening will be Honey Pistol and Siren Rain of Broken Diamond Burlesque. At heart however, this prom is still about dancing and celebration, so guests are asked to dress up in their best formal wear and participate in the celebratory atmosphere. “Prom is about transitioning into adulthood in many ways, and we want adults who never had the experience or want to relive the experience of prom to celebrate being alive and young at heart.”

With an array of live musical acts ranging from conscious hip-hop and groove heavy folk music to comedic rap, there will be no shortage of opportunities for dancing. Featuring local icons Bandwidth No Name, Element 37 and the truly one-of-a-kind Rusta Rhymes (aka. well known comedian Rusty Rutherford), alongside newer faces in the local scene such as Megan Young and Ruben Vail, the event boasts some of the Duke City’s most talented musicians.

Whether you come for the music and dancing, the erotica, burlesque or the chance to meet someone new, this unique event is open to anyone 21 and over. According to Kluckman, his greatest wish is that a new couple can start their relationship story with “We met at the Prom”. Even if that doesn’t happen, the organizers invite you to come out and celebrate the arts and the community and discover, or re-discover, the magic of prom.

The Naughty Prom begins at 9 pm on Friday, June 6th at the ArtBar by Catalyst Club. This is a 21 and over event. For those interested in attending, tickets are available at the door. $5 for members or $10 for new members (which snags you a one month membership to the ArtBar as well). For inquiries about the event or the artists, please contact Zachary Kluckman at 505-712-1475.


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