I searched the archives, and the last time this topic was discussed was in 07-08, so I thought I'd bring it up again. I am 60-year old male, and need to find a new PCP in ABQ (office anywhere west of Carlisle preferred). My old Lovelace (ABQ Health Partners) doc left the practice, and my new doc is not listening or caring very much. I don't care what affiliation your recommended doc has (my insurance is not local), but rather that he or she is a good doctor who takes the time to listen to me, and make referrals as needed. Experience in dealing with geriatric patients would be nice - we'll all be there sooner or later; for me, sooner. Thanks for your help!

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You can go to this site and look up albuquerque doc's and what people have said about them. RateMds.com
Try Dr. Patricia Bryant, an internist located just east of Carlisle, on Jefferson Place near Montgomery & Jefferson. She sees all adults and I believe specializes in geriatrics. I found her a few years ago after experiencing your problem with doctors who have no time to listen. On my first appt for a physical, she spent an hour or more with me,.If she's not immed. avail. she has several Physician's Asst. Brad is the one I've seen. Again, he took about 45 min. to discuss solutions to my chronic pain. New offices, clean & spacious. My only issue has been that I find them somewhat quick to offer presciption medications, on the other hand I'm somewhat conservative on that issue and when I rejected that option as the first solution, they were fine with it. They will work with you to make healthy lifestyle changes step by step without being judgemental. They're also right across from UNM Center for Life, which offers alternative medicine & therapies such as Acupuncture & Myofascial Massage.
Bryant is one of my doc's. She iis very nice and does take her time but I dont think she is good at really good unless you have clear cut issue's. For those conditions that have a pretty standard line of treatment, or for check ups,stuff like that she is great. But if you have one of those "mystery" conditions, where you really have to be up on the latest info, be able to pull from a lot of sources, put on your thinking cap and see it as a challenge that is intriguing, thats not her thing..........well lets face it it's not most doc's thing, as it slows them down on moving the steady line of people through. I have never seen Brad, but have heard very good things about him.
I thought of another doc that I have heard people rave about. Dr Evencoe. But he is in Los Lunas at First Choice. Some people like him so much that they trek down there rather than give him up.
Thanks dolores, and desertcat. I will follow up on your specific recommendations, and also do some searching on RateMDs.com.
Is Dr. Bryant's office good with "younger" folks too? I'm 34 and have a first-ever visit there on Friday - with Brad. It was the only place that could get me in before, oh, 2026 (or so it felt).
My daughter is 30 and she saw Brad last year and really liked him. Let us know how your visit goes and your opinion of how you were treated.
Brad was really great - took a LOT of time with me, explained a lot of things. Very wholistic approach to health. I was very pleased!!!
Thats really good to know. I will see him next time I go in. Thanks for giving us feedback


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