Turns out there is a proposal (attached) mostly baked that would build a new casino right across from Talin Market on the corner Central and Louisiana. It would be a 40 year lease to build a new structure for alcohol and gambling and has already been approved by the state fair commission.  There has been zero opportunity for public input, we just found out about it yesterday, so wanted to see if what folks really think.  Supporters say its needed money for the fair.  Opposition feels its the wrong direction for the International District.  What do you think?  More info is available on Ch. 13 website.



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If this is a done deal, then is there anyway for people to have input on the design and layout of the new casino? It could open up that corner if it had nice landscaping and some public/pedestrian features. It could also make the whole situation worse.

The plan attachment says nothing about potential impacts to that neighborhood that seem to be obvious concerns, such as increased traffic and if casinos in urban areas bring increased crime. Also, why does all the potential increased tax revenue go to the state when it will be Albuquerque that suffers any increased costs associated with this? Does this create any new jobs? Will it be open 24 x 7? There seems to be a lot of questions that have no answers in this plan. There should be a requirement for public input, and also approval of the city council and mayor should be required.

Thanks Tim.  The public needs to have input.  This is an issue for the city of Albuquerque...not just the State Fair Commission.

Done deal? This is not a new story though interest was resurrected by the KRQE story ( ). Paul Blanchard abandoned the move to Morriarty. The concept of a NEW casino at Central and Lousiana goes back to at least 2004. Various "plans" and the commission have consistently considered building a new casino facility. This should not be any surprise to Senator Keller since Mimi Stewart, during the 2005 legislative session filed a bill in opposition to placing the NEW casino at the corner of Central and Louisiana. Any representatives or long term residents of the neighborhood are being disingenuous if they are "surprised" by the Fair Commission reconsidering the proposal, especially since Blanchard abandoned the move to Moriarty.

( Albuquerque Journal February 16, 2005 ).  Mimi Stuart:" "I'm certainly not opposed to them expanding it if they want to," Stewart said of the Downs casino. "I just don't want it right on Central and Louisiana" ".

If people object they should attend the Fair Commission's meeting December 15, 2010 at 10:00 AM AAPAC Room 120
505.265.EXPO505.222.9700Fax: 505.266-7784 


The reality is the intersection of Louisiana and Central has become more and more "commercial", example the new CVS and ABQRIDE service has increased with the 766, 777, 66, 157, 3 bus service. The East side of Louisiana from Central North to Lomas is a prime example of very poor commercial infrastructure. Adding a NEW casino building at the corner is probably not likely to detract from the neighborhood as it stands or substantially change the traffic situation. Keep in mind the other activities on the fair grounds, including the very popular flea market, will not decrease. For the most part casinos are relatively quite activities. If it is appropriate to control "lighting and signs" I would think that would be a no brainer ... but the casino already has an animated sign at the Central entrance. The CVS has an animated lighted sign on the opposite corner ... is that "glitzy"?

I will ask the potentially not pc  question, does the neighborhood consider the patrons of casinos ( or the racetrack )  "unsavery" and "gambling" sinful and that is the real basis of opposition?


The issue is not new, but this latest proposal is.  The latest round in this saga............. and each round the community needs re up what it thinks in the process.  Good suggestion to attend the commission meeting. Eventually this will go the roundhouse so but would be much better to have bill going into the session that, regardless of the substance, the community and commission support, rather than one against the other.  

I cannot imagine a business that would get farther away from sustainable, liveable, or in creating community- than a casino. Input from the entire area needs to be factored in. There are some good resources on this site for people to move forward in empowering their neighborhoods and communities.

This is totally off-topic, but is there any plan whatsoever to put in a stop light to be activated by pedestrians and a crosswalk on Central between Louisiana and San Pedro?  You know the spot--where everyone crosses to go to the flea market.  That is the most dangerous situation I have ever seen and I can't believe the city just ignores the fact that pedestrians are putting their lives in danger there every weekend.

if the expo didn't charge for parking (or charged something nominal), i'd expect 90% of the problem would disappear instantly.

More than the last year they've actually painted over the old crosswalks across Central across from teh fairgrounds entrance. People have always crossed there, but so far the city's response has been to remove whatever feeble protection the old crosswalks afforded and just look the other way. I've seen at least 2 pedestrian accidents there in the last year.


Is this yet another example of ABQ's car-centric traffic philosophy at work? If so, it's at least borderline criminal in this case.

Well, I think, in their twisted logic, that people won't cross if there isn't a crosswalk.  I have a dim memory of a pedestrian-triggered stoplight being installed there during fair time--why couldn't they just install a permanent light?  


I do know that this is an example of ABQ's car-centric traffic philosophy at work--I know the traffic engineering dept. LOATHES stoplights--whether for pedestrians or not.  It interrupts the traffic flow, you see.  I guess running over people only slows traffic--doesn't stop it.

Yeah, and a car-pedestrian accident only stops up one lane. The flow must go on!


Much like you say, I've heard the city's intransigence regarding pedestrian amenities can mostly be chalked up to one guy in the traffic department. If he's behind stunts like this, he is getting mighty close to criminal negligence in my opinion.

 this is all very good input, thank you!

fyi, hearing on this by the State Fair Commission on Wed at 10am, African American Performing Arts Center.  Public comment "May" be taken.


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